Weighted Blanket And Its Benefits For Kids

Weighted Blanket And Its Benefits For Kids

Kids need good sleep at night to not only feel energetic but also to ensure good health. They love to jump and play around, so they need a lot of energy for the next morning’s activities. A night of good sleep provides good work, and people still stay healthy and fit if they have a deep sleep the night before. Kids like to play outdoors and run around all day, so make sure they sleep well at night. The science underlying this process has to do with our bodies’ inherent hormones. A hug (or, in our case, a thick, weighted blanket) generates a surge in serotonin, our body’s happiness hormone. DTP children have a flow of serotonin that can naturally relax them throughout difficult situations, analogous to the wonderful feeling you have after you get a giant embrace by a best friend.

Serotonin has the advantage of spontaneously converting to melatonin, which is our body’s sleep hormone. This natural conversion can help your child fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer at naptime or bedtime. For this reason, you may require well-weighted blankets, and the following reasons will tell you why:-

1. Anxiety Reducing Supplement

If you’re indeed a parent of an anxious child, you may feel helpless at times about how they’re experiencing and what you’ll do to help them. Many parents, particularly those who have small kids, struggle to put their children on medicine. 

According to Deep Touch Therapy, a “grounding” effect is caused if pressure is applied to the body. It allows the body to become calm. This pressure also releases serotonin. DTP children have a flow of serotonin that can naturally assist- relax them through stressful situations, similar to the pleasant feeling you get when you get a bear hug from a best friend. Also, this will increase the release of melatonin and ensure long deep sleep for your child. You can also feed your child food rich in Magnesium for sleep.

Another anxiety-relieving supplement may be the appropriate kind of mattress to sleep on. You may be sleeping on any mattress, but if you cannot have a good night’s sleep, it is preferable to choose between a Latex or Memory Foam Mattress. This choice will be essential for a deep sleep as they shape along with the movement of your body. Latex mattresses are firmer, and Memory Foam ones sink along with the pressure exerted by your body.

2. More Restful Sleep

Weighted blankets can help kids and youth have a sufficient amount of sleep. Moreover, it’s due to Deep Touch Pressure and induces relaxation, similar to how people feel after receiving a relaxing massage. Under stress, the body produces more serotonin, which also increases the level of melatonin. Thus, without popping melatonin tablets, consider having your child inevitably make more of it while sleeping with a weighted blanket.

It will reduce the chances of your child becoming frustrated. And this will improve their scores in exams and their activities at school. It will also ensure enhanced mental health and even a lower chance of obesity or high blood pressure. Another study indicated that limiting kids to one hour of sleep every night for five nights made them more agitated during the school day, impatient, and hard to focus in class.

Sometimes when your youngster is much incredibly irritated, they will not be prepared to understand as much as they could if they merely received an extra hour of sleep. If they get a chance to experience the warmth and coziness of a weighted blanket, then they will quickly go to sleep. The ideal weight of a blanket should not be too heavy and not too light. But it should be perfectly balanced between the two not to suffocate you at night. When you buy a blanket, make sure it is allergen-free and suits your comfort. Be quite sure of your demands and choose the best one from your market choices.

3. Good for Children with ADHD

It can calm their hyperactive bodies and minds, which can be especially beneficial for concentration during the school day. It is observed that children with ADHD who wore a heavy garment which was 10% of their body weight, improved their attention span, would get up less from their seats, speed response and processing and fidgeting.

Children with ADHD who actually wore a weighted vest witnessed an improvement, including in actions, after another research with a lesser test sample was done. This research used a correlational design, which meant that each kid executed the activities with or without the heavy garment thus operated as one of their security measures, which added to the study’s strength. It was also one of the more extensive studies on weighted blankets for ADHD, with 110 children participating. According to another study with a minor preliminary test, children with ADHD who wore a weighted vest experienced increased on-task conduct.

Apart from that, the essential benefits of a weighted blanket for kids are many. This is one way your child can be as warm as they want to be in winter while still relaxing in summer. Blankets, both for adults and children, allow you to control the heat level in the air because you are not pulling the blanket over your body. If you have ever experienced sleeping on a cold concrete floor or an unheated garage, you know how uncomfortable this can be. By purchasing a blanket with a handle, you can be sure that your child will not have to deal with cold floors, but they will also get the desired warmth from their blanket.  You can also make your child sleep on a mattress made from viscose rayon as Viscose is made from tree wood pulp and they are quite comfortable. 

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The above discussion clarifies that we need to look into simple things to adjust our children according to their surroundings. They may feel the need to sleep with their parents all the time. But, when you have some critical work to finish or some household chores to complete, then you may not be able to give them company. So the weighted blankets can become their best partner. They will feel the pressure and comfort they get when they are sleeping beside you. It will ensure a good sleep, and they won’t feel alone. The pressure exerted by the blankets will also increase their essential hormonal secretions, which will allow them to have a good sleep. You can sleep an eye on them and also feel safe that your child is sleeping well.