Planning For A Health Check Up-Dos And Don'ts, You Must Know

Planning For A Health Check Up-Dos And Don’ts, You Must Know

Living a healthy life is of the utmost importance. You need to make sure that you take proper care of your health and not take it for granted. You need to prioritize your health above any workload or event in life. 

There is nothing you can enjoy without good health. Therefore, a general health checkup at frequent intervals is highly recommended. It is always better for you to make sure you take care and prevent any underlying issues at the earlier stages than face various problems later on in life. 

This is why it is highly recommended that young people keep their health in check by having frequent tests done. Multiple health checkup packages can help you to get a regular review of your body. 

The various tests done at different health care centres are beneficial in providing you with a detailed and precise report on the functions of your body and help you take any required measures and treatment in case of any issue. However, to ensure the results provided after a health checkup are entirely accurate, you must keep a few factors in mind. Therefore, let’s discuss the various dos and don’ts to follow before getting yourself tested.

The 6 Do’s That You Must Follow

Simple practices to follow before getting a health checkup are listed below:

  1. Get an efficient night’s rest. Sleep is a fundamental criterion for gaining an accurate result. The amount of sleep your body gets has significant effects on your body’s various levels and hormones. For example, the absence of sleep has been known to influence blood glucose and pulse levels and can impact different tests. 
  2. It is recommended for you to fast for no less than eight hours. In some rare cases, a few tests require fasting for 12 hours or more as well. Make sure you drink plenty of water before the day of your test so that the fasting period passes smoothly.
  3. Suppose you are under daily medicine for different conditions. In that case, you may need to skip or delay the medications prescribed as per your PCP’s recommendation until your urine or blood test is completed. For instance, medicines like beta-blockers might need to be halted three days in front of the test.
  4. When an ultrasound is planned for you, drink few glasses of water before the procedure starts. A full bladder frames an advantageous way for ultrasonic waves.
  5. If you are getting a treadmill test done, wear proper footwear and clothing to follow through with the test quickly.
  6. Tests like a colonoscopy might require you to take a laxative on the previous night as per the doctor’s direction.

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The 5 Don’ts That You Must Avoid

There is also a list of things you should avoid if you are being tested for an accurate body report. These things are mentioned below:

  1. Avoid eating food items that contain a lot of salt since it can elevate your body’s triglycerides and blood pressure levels. This hampers the accuracy of the tests.
  2. Heartbeats are increased, and there is a significant drop in your body’s potassium levels after you exercise or do any activity that takes up a lot of energy or makes you tired. Therefore, you are expected to be rested and fresh for your test.
  3. Any caffeinated drinks or alcoholic beverages should be avoided before getting a test done since it changes the health checkup results since affects blood pressure levels. 
  4. When you are going for a mammogram, you need to make sure that you do not apply any amount of perfume, cream, spray, powder, etc., under your arms or anywhere near your chest as the quality and efficiency of the test gets altered. 
  5. It is recommended for women to wait for at least five days after the last day of menstruation to get a test done related to the vaginal area, like a urine test. Various other factors need to be avoided to gain accurate results, such as sex, vaginal creams, tampons, etc. 

These are some of the practices that need to be remembered by the people getting their tests done since there is no point in getting a medical checkup if the complete efficiency of the result is missing. This is why the set mentioned above of dos and don’ts needs to be followed before people take any tests. 

So if you are willing to take proper care of your body by regularly checking your health and body functions, then make sure you follow the list to enjoy complete accuracy in the test reports. Consult professionals to gain more knowledge about this topic!