How Long Does It Take for Braces to Straighten Teeth? A Helpful Guide

How Long Does It Take for Braces to Straighten Teeth? A Helpful Guide

Your dentist tells you that to get the smile you’re looking for, you’d benefit from getting braces. Now what?

With everything you have going on in your life, you’re probably wondering how long does it take for braces to straighten teeth. And is taking care of braces hard?

While braces are the preferred way to straighten your teeth, you might still have lingering questions.

Typically speaking, it may take up to 2 years for a patient to wear braces. However, many factors can come into play. Here are some things to expect about the duration of your treatment.

Type of Treatments

When you think of braces, you may think of metal brackets and wires. This type of metal braces is still available and widely used today, but dental technology has advanced. There are different types of braces such as clear braces, aligners, and more that serve as treatment options.

The treatment you choose and that your orthodontist prescribes will play a role in the length of time you wear braces.


The benefits of braces cannot be overstated: aligning the teeth, fixing overbites and underbites, and emerging with a straighter smile. But braces alone can’t just fix the problem. As the patient, the dentist will need your full cooperation.

Taking care of your braces by having excellent oral hygiene and keeping up with your appointments is vital to keep your treatment on track. If you skip appointments and forgo your oral health, not only do you put your teeth in danger of decay, but you may extend your treatment time. Don’t forget to avoid certain foods like sticky or hard candies that may cause a bracket to break.

Your Case

Every dental case is different, which means that each person’s time frame for wearing braces will vary. Some will need additional treatment and take the full 2-3 years, while others may complete their treatment in a little over a year. The orthodontist will choose the plan that works best for you to get you that straight smile, even if it takes longer than expected.


Most teenagers get their braces in their early teens or earlier because their jaws are growing. This makes the results happen quicker because you can work with the teeth during their growth. With adults, this isn’t as simple because their jaws are firmly in place.

However, it just depends on the severity of the case and the goals for the individual. Some adults may take a shorter amount of time, while others take significantly longer. The benefits of straight teeth will make all the time you wear your braces worth it!

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How Long Does It Take for Braces to Straighten Teeth? It Depends

When you’re thinking about how long does it take for braces to straighten teeth, remember that it varies from person to person? If you’re dedicated to your treatment and your case isn’t severe, you may only need to wear them for a short amount of time.

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