5 Programming Language Types That You Should Know About

5 Programming Language Types That You Should Know About

Having extensive knowledge of a single programming language is great. However, to be a master now is the time to expand your knowledge and abilities.  

Learning about the best programming language types can help you figure out what you would like to tackle next. Keep reading to learn what these are.

1. Python

For beginners, Python is a great option. It’s a commonly used programming language, and it’s easier than the others, thanks to the readability.

Also, Python is an open-source, free programing language that offers community development, support modules, and user-friendly data structures.

Python has been used for creating 3D animation packages, such as Autodesk, Inkscape, and Blender, and many video games, including Toontown and Vegas Trike. It can be used for computational and scientific applications, such as angular tree control methods, and on websites like YouTube.

2. HTML and CSS

HTML and CSS are listed together because they are considered complementary languages. They function best when used together.

Because of this, learning them together is a good starting point.

Today, HTML and CSS are used a lot for web development. HTML is used to dictate the structure and content of a webpage. CSS modifies the visual design and the aesthetic of HTML elements.

These are also considered good coding languages for beginners.

3. JavaScript

Software developers need JavaScript knowledge. It has been one of the leading languages for many decades.

Now, it is possible to integrate JavaScript with HTML and CSS. Doing this helps improve front-end software development processes.

Using JavaScript is beneficial for custom web development projects and creating user-friendly and interactive web pages. It is considered a developer-friendly language and can tolerate errors by offering predictive rectification.

Even better, it runs on most web browsers.

4. C or C++

To be an effective programmer, you need some knowledge of C or C++. While this is a strong statement, it is true.

Developers or software engineers who know C are better than those who don’t. It’s been proven again and again.

Today, C is still the preferred language for system programming.

5. Kotlin

Considered a general-purpose programming language, Kotlin was developed in 2011, making it a newer option. The initial version was not released until 2016.

It can be used with Java and supports several functional programming languages.

If you are planning projects that involve server-side application development, desktop applications, web applications, or Android apps, learning Kotlin is highly recommended.

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Getting to Know the Best Programming Language Types to Learn

When it comes to programming language types, you have a lot of options and choices. The ones listed above are some of the most popular and widely used ones today.

If you are ready to delve into the world of programming, these languages represent a good starting point.

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