How to Ensure You Don’t Leak Out a Secret?

How to Ensure You Don’t Leak Out a Secret?

Not everyone is comfortable with keeping secrets, but we all have to deal with them in some parts of our lives. When someone tells us a secret, he is putting his trust in us. Sharing it with others will break that trust and make you appear as a smaller person. 

While some secrets hold no value and it’s no problem hiding them, some become very difficult to keep from some people. Not everyone has the personality to forget as soon as they hear a secret. If you have ever faced such a problem, here are some practical ways to ensure you don’t leak it out. 

You Have a Life Other than This

Remember that you have a big life of your own and have many other things to do than sharing someone’s secret with someone else. Remind yourself that there are many other things to do and you are not free enough to even think about it. 

Think about how the world perceives people who are quick to talk about others. Act like you don’t care about other people and what is going on with them. Instead, focus on your own life and the awesome things you have to do. 

Anonymously Write About It

Asking to just forget about it is easier said than done. Some people have difficulty by nature, so a good way to calm yourself is by writing it. You would want to share it with someone, so you should just do it but not with the people you know. 

You can write an article and send it to The Doe and get it published anonymously. You will get to share your experience while keeping your identity private. Make sure you use pseudo names instead of the real names of the people you are talking about in the article. 

Pretend It Never Happened

You should try to act like you don’t know anything and nothing of the sort happened that you learned in the secret. It is normal to feel the need for catharsis, but it helps if you pretend something never happened. You become what you act and start to believe in it. Keep telling yourself it’s not true every time it pops up in your head. 

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Talk to Your Pet

If you feel a strong urge to talk, you should sit next to your pet and start talking to him. Pets are good listeners and they don’t share your secrets with anyone. Sharing the secret with your pet might help you feel better. You will feel like something bothering you from the inside has come out. 

Don’t Write in Your Diary

While writing and sharing the story with an online platform could work, documenting it in your diary is not a good idea. You don’t get an audience with your diary and you will only keep reminding yourself. 

Writing a diary is a good idea, but mentioning your secrets is not. You eternalize that secret by writing it in the diary, which will keep bothering you as long as it’s there.