5 Ways To Increase The Word Count Of An Essay

5 Ways To Increase The Word Count Of An Essay

Before starting the essay, you should know the maximum word limit. You don’t want to find out that you’re still some words below after you think you’ve finished the essay. Not knowing the word limit is the silliest mistake a student can make when given an essay to write. The only thing students think is that “only if I had my paper writer to help me with this”. Don’t worry there are many online websites where professional writers are there to help you with essay writing. They might charge you for this because this is how they make their money. But their service will be worth it.

Try to use Google docs when writing an essay, it shows the word count while you’re writing your essay. It’s something every writer uses when they have any kind of writing work to do. Always make sure you’re familiar with the word limit so you can do the research accordingly. However, if you face this issue after you’re done writing the essay, you can use these tips mentioned below to increase the word count of your essay. It doesn’t matter how much work you put into your work, you can always find yourself being a few words away from the word count.

Here are some ways you can increase the word count of your essay;

Add More Examples

You can look for paragraphs where you have given examples about the topic and then add another in it. This will show your understanding of the topic and will also add a good number of words to your essay.

Clarify Your Support Statements

A very easy way to increase your word count is to look for sentences that can be clarified with another follow-up sentence. But, don’t use the same sentence over and over again as it looks repetitive and your teacher won’t count it. You have to come up with a different and unique sentence to clarify the statement. This is where an extensive vocabulary comes in handy.

Try to work on your vocabulary as well when you get free time. Vocabulary is something that will also help you make in-person conversations

A Long Introduction

If you want to increase the word count of your essay, you can write a long introduction, people usually focus more on introductions so try adding some features of your topic in this to make it a little longer. It will surely cover the number of words to reach the word count of your essay.

Use Longer Sentences

Long sentences can be annoying to read sometimes, so try to only use it like 4-6 times maximum. It gets hard to understand what you’ve written for the readers as not everyone can understand high-level English.

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Expand Conclusion

You can expand your conclusion by 3-4 lines by reviewing one of the main ideas from the paragraph and giving your own opinion on it. Also, you can try to add a support sentence to it as well to reach your word count.