Details About the Best NYC Public Schools

Details About the Best NYC Public Schools

New York is a great fascination where people usually love to stay. If you are also one of them and you are planning to move to New York City, then should first understand the education system of the place as it is important for your kids. Luckily, the Big Apple present over there is known for the quality education, not just in the particular state but all over the country it is famous which makes people certainly to choose this living place. So, if you are also on the verge of moving, here are some best schools mentioned for you. These are the ones that long distance movers, who have experience in helping families relocate, vote as the preferred choice.

Lakeville- A Comprehensive Elementary School

This school was set up in 1928 and is known for providing students with special kinds of programs that will give a unique approach in life to every kind. This school is situated at The Village of Lake Success which is in the town of Great Neck.  Certain courses such as English Language, Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Special Area Programs, Intervention Programs, and Enrichment Courses are offered by this school. Besides these usual programs school also organizes unique programs which are for the school children with special needs. There are various activities organized all around the year and the famous one among them is “Cultural Heritage Celebration.” On this Cultural Heritage Day, schools from varied backgrounds bring the food and dress about their homeland to depict their culture and traditions.

The Baccalaureate Schools for Global Education

Famous among people as BSGE is known for its dress policy which it has set up for its students. This school offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma program applied school-wide. The main aim of the school is not just to make individuals survive in the society but also make a global community by pushing up the students to look out for independent and creative ways of thinking. Not just this it makes students inquisitive minds and makes them learn certain values such as trust and respect. The principal and staff have an ideology that their program can help the students to create a better world. Talking about their dress policy they have certain rules. They are:-

  • Students are not allowed to wear hats or headgears( exception for religious purposes)
  • The students should make sure that their undergarments and midriffs are not visible
  • N student should come to the campus wearing a tank top or muscle shirt.
  • The shorts or skirts must be at mid-thigh or a lower level.  
  • Certain things which are vulgar, obscene or, or disrespects the religion of other students or are disrespectful towards any gender or language is not allowed by the authorities to be worn on the campus.

The school authorities feel with this they could bring unity and make children move on one track by seeing each other wearing the same kind of dress code. Moreover, it would promote a serious atmosphere in the school which is very important to promote discipline and quality education.

Townsend Harris- Ranked As Number One In The List Of Ny High Schools

Townsend Harris is one of the finest places to study and that the reason the school is ranked at the first position in the list of high schools in New York. It is a state magnet high school for the people who are staying in the boroughs of Queens. The school can inculcate 1,144 students in grades 9-12. Each classroom has a bunch of twenty students along with one teacher who provides the training. Based on the scores of students in the school, 99 percent of the students are well off in math’s and a similar ratio can be seen in the class of English reading too. This clears that students over here are quite competitive.  

This school aims to become better every day and as a result, they have a policy of parents and teaching conferences being organized on regular basis. In this conference, the teacher gives a brief about the child to the parents and further they can ask questions about the performance of their child. These conferences are organized every quarter. With this, a clear review of a child could be achieved by the parents.

Thus, these are the best schools in the NY City which you can choose for your child. From providing quality education to making them focused or getting them involved in extracurricular activities, these schools help students to experience all the bits which they want to understand in their life. not just this, even these schools are promising towards the growth of the children so they make sure that they provide all details about the child to their guardians.