Top 9 Artificial Intelligence Game Apps Ideas

Top 9 Artificial Intelligence Game Apps Ideas

Artificial Intelligence is an exciting topic within any industry. In gaming and gambling, it means more intelligent games as it provides a more immersive experience. As a result, playing against the opponent becomes more exciting because interactions feel very real. 

AI has been used in video and casino games for many years now, but it was almost unnoticeable because it was barely developed. The technology has since crossed leaps and bounds. For instance, companies like SoftSwiss aim to infuse AI to improve the UI. Such advancements will make a positive impact on online casinos in India. Since playing online casino games in India is legal, you can visit websites like AskGamblers to learn more about the impact of AI on iGaming.

If you want other intuitive, immersive games, here are the top 9 artificial intelligence games you should play.

1. Minecraft

Minecraft is extremely popular among gamers, and rightly so. The gameplay is excellent as it allows you to create your world. You get a piece of land that you can convert into a village from scratch. You can build homes as simply or as extravagantly as you want. The idea of the game is for you to create defenses against dangerous mobs. It gets very addictive as you use AI to determine the best protection against different groups you will face. Once you start playing, it will be impossible to put it down.

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2. FEAR 3

The FEAR franchise is a favorite of many gamers because the storyline is superb. FEAR 3 is no different as it is a continuation of the second season of the game. Your role as the player is to be a genetically engineered protagonist in the game. Alma is another player that got pregnant at the end of the last game and got psychic powers. Now, your goal will be to kill the child and prevent it from being born. Again, the storyline and gameplay are top-notch, but the voice-overs are brilliant, making this another great AI game.

3. The Last of US 2

Everyone loves a zombie apocalypse. It is scary, which means lots of adrenalin. The Last of Us 2 is a follow-up of the first game where the aim was to survive this zombie apocalypse as you try getting resources. Artificial intelligence in this game is out of this world, making the interaction feel more authentic. The graphics are pretty good, making the enemies look realistic. It is a no-brainer that this would make it to the top AI games list as the game’s overall feel is excellent. 

4. Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty

If you have been waiting to flex your abilities to strategize, this is the game for it. Your enemies are a swarm of bees, and you are supposed to defend yourself against them. You have to consider your moves and decide what you should do and when you should refrain. The story is engaging, and the drama keeps you longing for more. One of the things that are different about this game is that it gives you room to customize your preferences. The AI in this game makes everything a little more natural, which is always a good thing.

5. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist

If there is one constant thing in Tom Clancy’s games, it is the excellent storyline. You are going to appreciate the gameplay even more because it is story-driven. The AI makes the story quite convincing because everything is believable. It will feel like you are watching a movie because things flow with the story. When you make a move, the enemies immediately respond. This game is the best definition of a spy game as you feel like you are playing a spy. Tom Clancy doesn’t disappoint with the Blacklist making it one of the best AI games. Playing this with friends makes it even more exciting, and online casinos in India are legal. Why not try it?

6. ARMA 3

This one is a favorite for military game lovers. If you are looking for a game that will keep you at the edge of your seat, this is it. The sense of realism the AI provides is surreal. It requires tactics to be able to shoot the enemy because of the AI used. The enemy anticipates your moves which makes it hard to get to them. This game might frustrate you if you want to kill multiple enemies fast because it doesn’t make it easy.

7. Creativerse 

Creativerse is another survival game that looks a lot like Minecraft. The concept is quite different, though with a gauntlet from the future with the power to create things. You get to defend your creations and rule your world.

8. Alien: Isolation

If you are into aliens, this one should get you excited. The use of AI makes this game remarkable for you if you are into dark, hideous games. The aliens look and feel natural, and their movements are just so unpredictable, it’s scary. The Audio and visual effects add to the game, making it something you should try.

9. Far Cry 5

Last but not least, Far Cry 5 is all about the bullets and the enemies. It is intuitive because of the AI with great graphics and requires a strategy to make a kill. What’s not to like?