Easy And Helpful Steps For Making Concrete In Minecraft!

Easy And Helpful Steps For Making Concrete In Minecraft!

Concrete is extremely colorful and a trustworthy material that rather beautifies any Minecraft creation just fabulously. Readily available in a lot of colors, concrete isn’t highly flammable like wool. Also, concrete walls surely provide you with a hardness that’s even better than stone. Not to mention that the blast resistance is low here. 

Now, here’s to mentioning certain important things before we learn the procedure of making concrete. The thing to note here is that it is only meant to be mined with a pickaxe or the block with vanish! Physics is the same when it comes to an understanding the fundamental blocks of concrete powder. It does follow gravity like sand and gravel, and hence, falls. However, once hardened, concrete follows the physics of most other blocks and stays intact, despite its position of blocks being present underneath.

Things Needed To Make Concrete in Minecraft

Things required to make concrete in order are-

  1. 4 blocks of gravel 
  2. 4 blocks of gravel 
  3. A dye of choice 
  4. Water source 


Gravel in Minecraft

Easily found on beaches, near small water pools, ponds, and mountains, gravel covers the surface of earth and underwater, found at the bottom of cold, frozen ocean biomes. Nonetheless, a shovel could be used to harvest it. The same could be accomplished more efficiently than in other ways. To make 8 concrete powder blocks, only 4 gravel blocks are required to keep it easy and viable!


Sand in Minecraft

Sand blocks are another quintessential material for concrete construction. Again, these should be mined using a shovel as well. Primarily, sand is found in desert biomes and next to water bodies such as lakes, rivers, and beaches. 4 of these, in terms of quantity, is needed for making concrete.


Dye in Minecraft

The color of the concrete should be known to you right before you start to manufacture it. Given are the possible sixteen colors used to make concrete in Minecraft- red, orange, yellow, green, lime, cyan, light blue, blue, purple, magenta, pink, brown, black, grey, white, or light grey. You can easily attain these dyes via crafting, smelting, or selling. There’s no one way of making a dye; each dye has its recipe. 

Water Source 

Water is needed later to solidify the concrete powder which has been manufactured. Any water source can be used for the same, except the rain, cauldrons, or water bottles.

How to Make concrete in Minecraft? 

To make concrete in Minecraft, the concrete powder is what you need at first. Put a dye you like in the first box of the crafting grid, and then fill up the last row and third box of the second row with gravel, and eventually the remaining grid with sand to make concrete powder blocks. Once these concrete blocks are made to contact a water source, hardened concrete comes as the final product!

Steps that help you to manufacture concrete in Minecraft

Step 1- Expose The Crafting Table 

Expose The Crafting Table in Mincraft

Open the crafting table first in order to have the 3×3 crafting grid.

Step-2 Position The Gravel 

Position The Gravel in Minecraft

Gravel is a primary source in building concrete powder blocks. 4 blocks of gravel are placed in a pattern. 3 blocks ought to fill the last column, and the one that’s left is meant to be placed in the last cell of the middle row.

Step 3- Put Sand 

Put Sand in Minecraft

Just like you placed gravel, place sand too. Nonetheless, the positioning of sand isn’t symmetrical to gravel. Therefore, you must ensure that you follow block by block. 2 blocks are meant to complete the middle row where one gravel already exists. This means that the first two cells grow by sand. Place the other two blocks on the 2nd and 3rd cells of the first row.

Step 4- Position The Dye 

Position The Dye in Minecraft

After you finish placing sand and gravel, there’s a vacant space in the crafting grid. You can thus place here a dye of your choice. After doing so, a stack of 8 concrete blocks should appear for you!

Step 5- Take Along Your Concrete Powder Into The Inventory 

Take Along Your Concrete Powder Into The Inventory

It’s been already mentioned that this recipe would only produce a concrete powder block. Not to mention that it’s rather easy to turn this powder into concrete. You have to position the concrete powder next to a water source, turning the same into hardened concrete. The block casually transforms from coarse to a smoother and brighter appearance.

Step 6- Mine The Newly Formed Concrete 

Mine The Newly Formed Concrete

This final step in the process successfully constructs concrete for you. Now that you already have the concrete block right before you, the only thing that’s left to do is mining! As we mentioned before, mining could only be done using a pickaxe.

Final Thoughts 

Well, Kudos firstly for learning how to craft concrete with such precision! Now, you can even make so many types of it. This truly makes you a concrete connoisseur! Please make your vibrant concrete for decoration purposes and make it worth the while! Works best for construction material and is additionally low as per blast resistance. However, its hardness is surely better than that of stone. Not to mention that you now know how to make concrete in Minecraft with utmost clarity.

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Hope to have helped in the same. We are quite open to feedbacks or queries, for that matter!!