SharePoint vs Google Drive: Which Is the Better File Sharing Platform?

SharePoint vs Google Drive: Which Is the Better File Sharing Platform?

SharePoint and Google Drive are two contenders in the document management game. The difference between SharePoint vs Google Drive lies within their parent pools. SharePoint is under the Microsoft ecosystem, whereas Google Drive derives from Google Suites.

As office solutions, they have similar functions in document creation, editing, and collaboration. However, they differ in their respective modes of delivery. To determine which file-sharing platform is right for you, let’s evaluate the pros and cons of SharePoint and Google Drive.


Accessibility is the primary difference between the two platforms. Google Drive and its document services are browser-based and lack a desktop version. Microsoft, on the other hand, provides both browser and desktop versions.

Desktop counterparts contribute to the versatility of SharePoint by allowing offline access. Both platforms save edits to the cloud. However, with SharePoint, offline syncing is a plus in productivity and accessibility.

Check out this handy Sharepoint tutorial to get you started.

Extended Features

Both Google Drive and SharePoint have basic word processing and spreadsheet features. Through SharePoint, you have access to the Microsoft desktop applications.

Between SharePoint vs Google Drive, SharePoint has the more fully-featured applications. SharePoint has enhanced functionality owed to it by the Microsoft ecosystem. Additional features include automation of business processes, progress tracking, and feedback collection.

Microsoft Excel also provides more advanced features than Google Drive spreadsheets. You will have a more comprehensive array of data analytics and calculation options.


SharePoint offers a whopping 25 terabytes. Google Drive only offers 15 gigabytes for free. Additionally, SharePoint has a built-in organizing system that allocates storage usage for you.

Although you can fine-tune it yourself, it helps to have an automated tool that maximizes your features. Both storage capacities are expandable through paid plans.


Concerning paid plans, Microsoft and Google Drive provide expansion packs of their services. Google Suites provides four tiers if you exceed the storage capacity. You may also wish to avail of other services and features.

Microsoft has several options on its menu. Find plans that cater to small businesses and enterprises.

The options may be more esoteric than Google Drive. However, you get a more customized set of plans tailored to your needs.

When it comes to the price point, Google Drive is hard to beat. Competitive prices correspond with more basic services. However, depending on what you need, Google Drive may be more than enough.


The Microsoft realm encompasses a wide variety of applications, including Microsoft Teams. Creating a team generates a SharePoint Online Site in the background. This provides a more seamless avenue for voice calls, video calls, meetings, and chats.

SharePoint can foster a more interactive and coordinated environment for users. It also provides greater managerial control. You will be able to facilitate and manage work and not only give access to documents.

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SharePoint vs Google Drive

Now you know the difference between SharePoint vs Google Drive. The Microsoft ecosystem is a massive platform. The benefits of Google Drive lie in simplicity, price point, and user-friendliness.

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