SEO or PPC – Which is the Right Fit for My Business?

SEO or PPC – Which is the Right Fit for My Business?

SEO vs. PPC is an endless war in which both are wild competitors.

Now, the queries – “Which one is better for your business?” show up in the head of almost every businessman/woman when he/she needs to choose what weapon to use to drive traffic to the site.

Being honest, both the means are beneficial and have helped various businesses flourish. To reach the final decision of choosing one medium, you need to have a clear idea about both these mediums. So, first, let’s proceed with that:

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What is SEO?

In simple words, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a practice of optimizing your website with relevant keywords of high search volume to achieve high ranking in the search results.

SEO is organic and has a broad scope as it involves numerous off-page activities like link building and content creations to grab the highest rank possible.

What is PPC?

PPC is an excellent means to drive traffic to your website in which you pay to the search engine whenever any person clicks your business ad. Google Ads is a great platform whose benefits are reaped by many businessmen to achieve top rank. PPC campaigns, if created with utmost carefulness, can bring great deals to your table.

Considering the preciseness required to create PPC campaigns, you can hire a qualified agency providing PPC management services.

Now, What is Apt for My Business?

Both the above sources are great drivers of traffic to your business. The choice of one depends on the nature of your business and many other factors.

If you want to drive traffic to your website rapidly and are willing to pay for it, Google AdWords is the thing for you. But if your budget is somewhat limited, the recommendation is to invest time and efforts on SEO to achieve higher rankings.

SEO demands more patience, time, and effort when compared to Google Adwords. But all these investments will be worth it when you reach a higher spot and have the most relevant audience.

Also, many other aspects should be thought over before you make a choice. 

We recommend you to ask the following questions to help you make the right choice:

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1)What are Your Marketing Goals?

The first thing your marketing team or agency needs to know are your business goals. In case you want immediate sales or leads, a rigorous paid campaign will be the best for you. But if you want results in the long run and wish to have a relevant customer base, Search Engine Optimization should be your choice.

Communicating your business goals to your marketing agency would help them to choose where to invest their time and efforts. Ofcourse, this is not the only deciding factor, but this question is an excellent start to your ride to decide the best means for your business.

2) What is your Current Rank on SERP( Search Engine Result Page )?

On which page is your website ranked – first, second, or none? Are you ranking on your targeted keywords? – The answers to these questions will make you aware of your position at present so that you can plan on how to move further.

Let’s assume that your website does not rank at all on Google. In such a case, your efforts on SEO would prove beneficial in increasing your website traffic, sales, and conversions. On the contrary, if your site ranks on the firstmost page of Google and you wish to have an immediate increase in your site traffic, then Google Adwords is your soulmate!

Now, you may notice that your site might be at a higher rank in SERP, but for a different purpose, OR, you might see your position fluctuating more often. These situations and their causes will give an idea to your marketing team/agency about how much effort to invest in which means of driving traffic: SEO or PPC.

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3) Who are your COMPETITORS?

You might have heard – “Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.” Ofcourse, this statement is a bit too harsh to be referred to by competitors.

What we are trying to say here is you should have an idea about your competitor’s SEO or PPC strategy and where they rank. You would also be able to conclude where you stand in front of your competitors and how much you need to improve.

Now, if your competitors are at a higher ranking in organic results, but you want instant results, PPC will be the right option for you. And if all the majority of your competitors have captured the PPC market, it would be advisable to invest in SEO.

4) How Much are You Willing to Spend?

The most critical answer you need to know is the maximum cap to your spending strength.

Does your budget allow you to compete in the PPC market? If YES, then you should go for PPC and enjoy its benefits. But if you have a limit set to your budget, being patient and picking SEO is recommended.

Budget plays a significant role in influencing your decision. All the other factors may favor PPC, but if you have to work in a confined budget, you should go for SEO.

From the above aspects, one thing is clear – No strategy surpasses the idea to analyze your business situations before making the final call!

Many times an integrated approach is considered to be the perfect solution. By combining SEO and PPC, you get instant leads because you pay for the traffic. Moreover, your constant efforts on SEO result in an optimised site, which lets your business sustain and get relevant leads in the long run.

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We hope the list of the above questions lead you to decide on one channel to drive traffic to your business site.

Also, when you outsource SEO services or PPC management services, your hiring partner will help you understand your business in a better way to lead to a conclusion.