What Is Battlemetrics? Know Everything About It

What Is Battlemetrics? Know Everything About It

BattleMetrics is multiplayer online analytics and RCON tool. It’s a multiplayer gaming service for game server operators and players. No matter the tool we use, whether we’re using RCON or extensive server detection and alert system, they provide valuable data and services. 

The main use for a gamer would be around the log of the player. In each server we mention, we monitor any player that connects or disconnects from that server any time we question the server.

The most frequent use of our Player Log service is to decide who raided you and when or to plan a raid of your own, based on when someone is going to be on or offline. Our framework is one of the only resources available to help you track players through servers for those wanting vengeance.

There are many use cases for the log, and you can find out a lot about the people you play with some smart detective work. You can see the Battlemetrics player search from the database.

Users whose preferred servers are confirmed to get those servers inquired at least once every five minutes. The quality of our results relies heavily on the server community. BattleMetrics is an RCON web service that enables us to handle licensed games to the extent that developers support RCON. This is the best RCON tool because it provides a 24/7 connection to your server. The key features are as follows. 

Key features of Battlemetrics

Persistent Connection

24/7 access to your server is available for BattleMetrics RCON service. We hold the RCON connection from one of our data center servers. Our server has connected to your server round the clock to avoid loss of chat log, player link history etc.

Any other resource cannot offer this level of data security. This server will provide you with enhanced protection, and monitoring of your personnel with the only RCON access enabled to your server.


Organizations are essential for the continuous control of many servers. This enables you to issue bans that occur in one organization on all servers. This enables you to issue bans that occur in one organization on all servers. Besides, if you wish to keep your server management separate, you can invite administrators or sub-users.

Roles and Permissions

Since you and everyone else access the RCON data from our service and we have only one RCON link to your computer. So you can restrict what your sub-users can do and do on your server (s). This is an ideal way to assist without thinking about the possibility of misuse of control by the supervisor. Permissions can be divided into “roles” and can be named to one of the organizations by new administrators.


It is the most prominent feature of Battlemetrics RCON. Triggers can automate rule implementation without human interference, texting, and other basic tasks. Our trigger scheme, correctly designed, saves you not only endless hours of effort but also increases the accuracy and efficiency of your implementation of laws.

Player Database 

It stores almost everything on your RCON server. For your potential need, player information is always save. For instance, if you revisit a ban appeal, you can quickly access player conversations, even months down the way. You no longer need to think about saving the log sheet.

Ban Synchronization

As our principal way to retain unwanted players off your server, we use our own ban on BattleMetrics. The BattleMetrics ban system runs by removing unauthorized players from the server. It should also be remembered. We can’t block the player from entering by chance and must wait before the player reaches us until the ban is balanced in our system with the unauthorized id.


BattleMetrics delivers an automated scheduler so you can send messages or modify commands on a timeline that you can change. There are three scheduling template options: Simple, Advanced, and Alert.

Chat Alerts 

Chat warnings are intended to warn you anytime a player mentions a predefined term or expression. For example, “!admin” or the name of the admin. Notification solutions include desktop and audio alerts. “personal trigger” can be used to tag messages or send email/SMS notifications.

Mobile App 

BattleMetrics RCON has a smartphone app to incorporate and not replace the key desktop tool. The software is available for free download on both iOS and Android platforms.

Reserved Slots

It’s an in-built reserved slot system. This is a versatile framework that lets you decide how many reserved slots and how these slots are to be reserved. There are some inconveniences in this method, as a player must enter the server before matching the identifiers with the “reserved” list. This means that at least one slot is still available and unused.

Overview of Battlemetrics Rust

The Battlemetrics rust is developed by Facepunch Studios. It’s a survival game where players have to survive in difficult conditions. It’s a huge multiplayer game where 300 players are there on each server. The rust Battlemetrics is played by more than 71,000 gamers. The most affordable Battlemetrics rust server is started with $9.98. You can also know who is online or not in rust.

Firstly, go to the rust and open your steam overlay. Click Shift + Tab. Now all you need to do is press “View Players”> “Friends.” Now you can see who online, email them steam notes, add them, report them, etc. 

How do you use RCON in Battlemetrics Ark?

You must have Ark Battlemetrics RCON allowed to use BattleMetrics RCON.

Your command line should contain RCONEnabled=TrueRCONPort=<port>, and ServerAdminPassword=<password> unless you set your admin password somewhere. Here are the steps to use RCON in Battlemetrics ark. 

  • 1st Step: Go to the battlemetrics ark settings.
  • 2nd Step: Edit your server settings.
  • 3rd Step: And then enter the config name(only for favorite list).
  • 4th Step: Enter the IP and Port.
  • 5th Step: Create a new RCON password.
  • 6th Step: Select your chat name and will be featured in Worldwide Announcements. Click the “Save” buttons to save the settings.