8 Stunning and Functional Railing Planters for Your Home

8 Stunning and Functional Railing Planters for Your Home

The charm of railing planters brings us closer to nature and transforms balconies in many ways. Moreover, it saves us space while providing additional aesthetics to our home. Many people are interested in railing planters for planting edibles, including spices, and growing their favorite flowering plants or succulents. Read this article, 8 Stunning and Functional Options of Railing Planters for Your Home, and have ideas for your next purchase.  

Railing Planters You Will Surely Love

1.Tosnail Set of Two Rectangular Metal Railing Planters  

First on our list for your railing planters options is the Tosnail Set of Two Rectangular Metal Planters. This Victorian Era-inspired planter is assembled in a black- steel and rectangular frame. It gives an elegant feel on your balcony, and this planter does not rust over time. Such a  planter is a perfect permanent addition to your home. Lastly, each set comes with one small and medium rectangular metal flower pot holder. The hooks are about 2 inches, and you can attach them quickly to the rails.  

2. CobraCo Flower Box Holder For Railing 

This railing planter fits many spaces such as a deck railing, wall, and any window sill. This unique planter is made of brown fiber choirs of the coconut shell. It is an attractive item, and the liner helps keep the moisture within the soil. As a result, it saves water and allows roots to absorb the water they need.

3. Tosnail 3 Pack Hanging Railing Planter Flower Pot Holder Plant Holder

You can easily maneuver or place them on any railing, deck, or balcony. These railing planters are lovely pieces you can add indoors and outdoors. Each measures 8″ top dia. x 6″ bottom dia. x 4.5″ height. While the hook opening measures 2.5″. 

4.United Frames and Products Michigan Dunes Planter Box 

Pick from a selection of colors and love its unique wave-groove design. This railing planter suits your place whether you are living in a condo or an urban apartment. This planter can be converted from indoor flower pots to outdoor hanging rail or fence planters, using Dunes universal fit clamp-on brackets. The clamps are sold separately from the planter.  

United Frames and Products Michigan Dunes Planter Box is lightweight and comes with drainage holes. It also has a snap-in, removable drip tray. It is easy to clean and rust-proof. Thus, you can ensure that it will last for years.  

5.HOMENOTE Railing Planter, 3 Pack Hanging Flower Basket  

HOMENOTE Railing Planter is a beautiful addition to your deck or patio. It matches whatever flowering plant you want to grow. It will only take seconds to place it onto your railings. The baskets and hook are coated with an outdoor-grade paint that gives them enough protection from rust and fading quickly. You do not need tools for the assembly. It is composed of two parts: a hanging basket and a hook. The hook measures 2.5 inches, the basket with a 7.8” diameter, the bottom diameter with 6.5”. These hanging flower baskets will be perfect for those aesthetic hanging plants!

6. DOITOOL 3pcs Iron – Wrought Railing Planters 

DOITOOL 3 pcs iron-wrought railing planters set is a multi-purpose item – a wise purchase for everyone. It can serve its original purpose to decorate your balcony with flowers or hang it on your windows and fences. It is also suitable as a desktop storage barrel, pen holder, and for keeping other school supplies. You may also use them for organizing your kids’ cabinets and also their toys.  

7. Sunzoo Marta Swan Rail Planter  

You’ll love this incredible and one-of-a-kind rail planter. Sunzoo features a swan design. Moreover, you may put it outside or make it a centerpiece with a flowering plant. Also, the yellow beak highlights this rail planter and can instantly put a smile on your face. This swan-inspired rail planter is made of sturdy, high-quality material. It is maintenance-free and comes with two adjustable drains.  

8.Recycled Wood Vinyl Deck Railing Planters 

It is built with recycled pine panels from which it got its name. It comes with a rust-proof hook and plastic inside. This railing planter is easy to install, so no need to worry about how to assemble it.The hook is powder-coated, and inside is the plastic container. You can easily detach the plastic container from the pine format. What is great about it is you can use this planter with or without the hook. 

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To Wrap Things Up

You have seen only some railing planters that are both stunning and functional. Which one is the best for your home? The answer, something that suits your exact needs such as your style, what you want to achieve for your home, and also the size of the planter. But one thing is for sure they will bring more life and beauty to your home. Moreover, they will allow you to use those green thumbs for growing some edibles for the family!