10 Must-Have Kitchen Storage Containers You Need in Your Home

10 Must-Have Kitchen Storage Containers You Need in Your Home

The kitchen can be the most visited and busiest part of a household. Perhaps, it holds the most number of items that you can find inside a home. No wonder that this space can be unattractive and cluttered at times. Nonetheless, who says that an organized kitchen is unattainable? 

With a bit of creativity and wise purchases, your kitchen can be a stylish and functional area. Learn how to achieve it with this article- The 10 Must-Have Kitchen Storage Containers at Home. Several kitchen storage containers can make more space, add a splash of style, and help organize your kitchen. Check out this list of beautiful and functional kitchen storage containers!

1. Progressive Prepworks ProKeeper 6 Piece Set   

Multi-functional and stylish at the same time, this set includes six pieces of kitchen storage containers. You can use this set for storing your baking ingredients. Use them also for common confectioners you have at your pantry. When you purchase these stackable containers, you will have a 4-quart flour keeper, 2.5-quart sugar keeper, 1.5-quart brown sugar keeper, 1.4-quart powdered sugar keeper, and (2) 1.5 cup mini keepers. These dishwasher-safe containers have stainless steel hinges that can swing open with ease. All the canisters have an easy-catch latch that keeps the lids tightly closed. At the same time, the Silicone seals provide airtight storage that keeps the fresh food longer.

2. OXO Good Grips 3 – Piece Airtight Pop Round Canister 

The set includes three canisters: 1.9-quart size, 3-quart size, and 4.5-quart size. Each canister can hold flour, sugar, cereals, rice, pasta, and other similar items. With these canisters, you can keep your countertop organized and attractive.  

Airtight Storage Canisters: Keep your dry food fresh, and the airtight seal button pops up to double as a built-in handle. It is labeled as BPA Free Plastic and can be used for storing objects in the office.  

3. Komax Biokips Set of 2 Pasta Storage Containers 

Komax Biokips fits perfectly into your kitchen. These airtight pasta containers come in two sets of rectangular containers.  

Biokips locking lid is designed with robust construction to safeguard your pasta from pantry bugs and guarantee maximum freshness. They are designed and crafted from the most versatile and eco-friendly plastic. Komax offers you these heat-resistant kitchen storage containers.  

4. Click Clack Cubes With Stainless Lids 

With just one look, you’ll love these cubes and would want to bring them home. They feature patented squeeze-top closures, airtight seals, and lift-off lids. They are perfect for dry food storage. These cubes are stackable and nestable. Unlike other kitchen storage containers, hand washing is best for these cubes. 

5. YouCopia StoraLid Food Container Lid Organizer  

This organizer is made for storing plates and other kitchen utensils. It features adjustable dividers; consequently, you can make space for more oversized items. It is easy to assemble and made with coveted BPA-free plastic.  

6. A Set of 4 Clear Pantry Organizer Bins  

Simple, stylish, and functional, this set of four pantry storage containers are indeed wise purchases. The set is versatile; you can use them in shelves, cabinets, kitchen countertops, freezers, and even offices. 

7. Tupperware Crystalwave Set of 2 Soup Mugs in Blue  

A long list of features is not needed for this set; the name Tupperware tells it all. This Crystalwave Set is a head-turner because of its vibrant color. It is microwavable, prevents spills, and is equipped with the PLUS stain guard to keep it in style.  

8. Anchor Hocking Round Bulk Food Storage Containers 

These containers are very versatile. You can use them in a microwave, refrigerator, and ovens. These 13 pieces are dishwasher safe, have airtight lids to seal freshness, and are made of glass.

9. Libbey Vibe Mini Glass Jars with Lids

Keep your spices fresh and organized with this Libbey Vibe Mini Glass Jars with Lids. Uniquely made with a distinctive sloped design and is perfect for your countertops. However, keeping them inside your pantry or kitchen cabinet will not be a problem. They fit these storage areas perfectly. They are durable and dishwasher safe. The dimensions of the jar (including the lid) are 2.6 x 2.6 x 2.8 inches.

10. Maia Olivewood 6-Jar Spice Rack   

Keep your six-bottle spices on this Maia Spice Rack. The open frame is made of olivewood and holds six glass jars with cork lids. It is easy to clean through hand wash and by wiping the rack with a dry cloth.

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To Wrap Things Up

Purchase these storage containers for your home and make your kitchen more functional, organized, and stylish instantly and with less effort on your part. You may choose from the items above and buy what you need. They are beautiful and durable items that are offered at affordable prices. Be sure to visit Storables.com for more inspiration, storage options, and ideas!