4 Tips to score 100% in the CRPF Constable Exam

4 Tips to score 100% in the CRPF Constable Exam

For candidates who are willing to serve the nation in the armed forces, after Army, Navy, and Air Force, CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) is the best option. The CRPF comes under the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Union Government of India. Every year the department releases the notification of thousands of CRPF Personnel vacancies. It includes positions like Constable, Sub Inspector, and other positions. Plenty of candidates who meet the CRPF Constable Eligibility criteria appear for the CRPF Constable level exam. Most of them find scoring 100% in the exam a tough task. However, a proper study plan and dedication will help candidates to meet the goal. In this blog, we shared a few effective tips that bring 100% results for candidates. 

How To Score Excellently In The Crpf Constable Exam?

1. Don’t Fall Into The Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is something that can either break or pave the way for your success. Some candidates have the mental stability to handle the pressure while the rest doesn’t have the same capability. While preparing for the competitive exam, students fall under peer pressure. It is a common thing but taking irrelevant stress and burden on your shoulders won’t help you get a good score. Stress can only deliver negative results. Stick to your basics and have confidence in your preparation. Don’t be a part of the blind rat-race competition. Every candidate has his or her ability to learn and understand concepts. 

2. Practice Modules Daily

Don’t wait for the last moment to prepare for the CRPF Constable Examination. Daily practice and revision is the only key to get a 100% score in the examination. Align yourself with a proper study routine and study smartly. Don’t bother about how much time you are studying. What matters is accurate practice and honest studies. As of now, students can avail test prep solutions online and utilize effective tools like test series, mock test papers, and others. These tools offer personalized learning resources for candidates. Practicing ample resources gives more learning exposure and lets you understand new concepts. 

3. Thorough With The Syllabus

Like other competitive examinations, in the CRPF Constable level exam candidates must have a thorough knowledge of the syllabus. The examination includes modules like Mathematics, Languages (English and Hindi), Aptitude, GK, and Trade-related concepts. Remember that the exam is conducted into two papers. Paper- I consist of 40 marks while 60 marks are the weightage of Paper-II. Be mentally active and have updated knowledge to make your selection process easier. Many students apply for the examination without knowing the CRPF Constable Syllabus. However, it does not serve the purpose and delivers negative results to candidates.

4. Write Neatly For Better Understanding

Sometimes, despite good knowledge and accurate answers few marks go into vain. It is because of the poor handwriting in their preparation notes. Apart from strong conceptual knowledge, good writing skills are also important from a scoring point of view. It makes it the examiner easier to understand the answer and score accordingly. However, the CRPF Constable exam is an objective exam, where no writing skills are required. But, you may require it in writing revision notes. Write meaningful words, have command on vocabulary, and leave space between words in your revision notes. It is important because candidates can easily memorize what they have written.

Final Words

Ambitious candidates need dedication and effort to clear the CRPF Constable Exam. Aspirants must follow these effective tips mentioned in the post and incorporate them into their daily routine. Also, staying mentally and physically active is important because in the selection process these factors are mandatory.  Staying calm and having a positive attitude while exam preparation is the best way to ensure success in the examination. Scoring 100% marks is no more a tough job for candidates who read this post carefully. Share amongst the learning peers who are preparing for the CRPF Constable exam.