Learn The Objective Behind Playing Carrom By Knowing Carrom Rules

Learn The Objective Behind Playing Carrom By Knowing Carrom Rules

Do you enjoy playing the game of carrom? Do you know the objective of the carrom game? If not, don’t worry. Let us tell you the real objective of the carrom game. Read this article carefully to understand the objective of playing carrom games.

The Carrom Board

Carrom is quite a popular indoor game all around the world. This game originated in South Asia and Middle Eastern countries in the 18th century. Carrom needs a good understanding of angles and requires extreme concentration. It is mostly played by people of all ages. But now competitions or tournaments are organized with proper carrom rules. These tournaments can be played offline as well as online. In the online variant, there are many applications that offer carrom games. It includes apps such as carrom mania, carrom king, Getmega, and so on.

In offline mode, the carrom needs to have a wooden board, which will have four pockets. All the players have to flick the striker to pocket the pieces in one of the pockets one by one. 

The objective of carrom board

The basic objective of the carrom board game is just to use the sticker to strike or flick with a finger to pocket the pieces in any of the pockets. The carrom game is all about pocketing the pieces in the corner pocket. The player with maximum points will be considered as the winner.

In each round of the carrom, game players will pocket the pieces and the turn will continue unless the player gets an empty corner pocket. 

Now, let’s take a look at the objective of some components.

1. Queen – The Main Goal

In carrom games, the main goal is to win the queen or you can’t end the game before winning the queen. If you are playing the whole game with strategy, then you will not face any problem. To win the game or to achieve the goal, you must have clarity as to what you want to do and what you need to do. Then you have to take the step accordingly.

There will be many things that will distract you or will make it difficult to win the game but you must be determined towards your goals.

2. Striker

The striker is used to flick the pieces. You must have your idea to strike the striker or which piece you have to strike. You must have your ideas to achieve your goals. The striker will be at your hand and you must decide in which direction you have to strike and in which direction you don’t have to streak. You must follow the strategy to play the game. You must understand that it is important to have your views and your ideas and you don’t need to agree with the people around you.

In each game, there are some guidelines and boundaries which all the players have to follow. The carrom game also has its carrom rules. You must make every move by deep thinking. You must have a measured approach so that you analyze better what you should do and which you shouldn’t do. And you must be prepared for all the wrong moves that you play and also the fouls. If not, then you must first understand the carrom rules.

4. Opponents 

In carrom games, you must not underestimate your opponent. It is suggested that you should once take a look at carrom rules so that you won’t regret anything. There might be a possibility that you will get a weak opponent. That weak opponent might play less but will take all the winning opportunities, which are not good for your winning. So, you must play a tough game against him and don’t let him fool you with his irrelevant steps. You should understand and respond to the carrom and follow the carrom rules 

5. Powder On The Carrom Board

The powder plays an important role in the carrom board. It will help in the smoothing of the striker and all other pieces. You must make the journey of these pieces smoother. The powder is essential so that you can play at your pace and make the game easier for you.

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Now you know the objective of the carrom game and the objective of all the components of the carrom. But it is recommended to check the carrom rules once before you play the serious game. If you are planning to play the carrom game online, then you will read the instructions before the beginning of the game but it depends on the gaming platforms, which you will choose. From our side, it is suggested that you should try to Getmega gaming platform as it is the best app for beginners as well as for pro players. All the best with your gaming journey.