What Is Group X And Group Y, In The Air Force

What Is Group X And Group Y, In The Air Force?

Joining the Indian Air Force as an Airman for Group X and Y positions is one of the most prestigious careers available to anybody interested in joining the Indian Defense Forces. Each year, thousands of applications are received from male applicants who have completed their 12th or intermediate for the Indian Air Force Group X and Y exam. Read on to learn about the Indian Air Force Group X and Y wages and the benefits and allowances obtained by the chosen applicants.

Salary for Air Force Groups X and Y: Learn About Career Advancement

The Indian Air Force is looking for Group X and Y personnel. The Air Force Group X Y eligibility criteria is 10+2 pass with Science and Maths or Diploma holders, will be placed in Group X. Candidates having non-technical capabilities are placed in Group Y.

Salary and Benefits for Air Force Groups X and Y

A monthly stipend of rupees fourteen thousand six hundred will be given throughout training. According to the 7th pay commission, which went into effect in January 2016, grade pay was eliminated, and basic income was granted to Indian Air Force personnel. The Basic Pay is calculated by multiplying the combined pay (Basic Pay + Grade Pay) of the 6th pay commission by 2.5.

Given below are the rank-wise salaries of Indian Air Force Airmen:

RankPay LevelBasic PayMSPGroup X(Technical Qualification Pay)Total Salary of Group XGroup Y(Non-Technical Qualification Pay)Total Salary of Group Y
Aircraftsman21700 – 57500217005200620033100360030500
Leading Aircraftman21700 – 57500217005200620033100360030500
Corporal21700 – 57500255005200620036900360034300
Sergeant21700 – 57500292005200620040600360038000
Junior Warrant Officer35400 – 94100354005200620046800360044200
Warrant Officer35400 – 94100449005200620056300360053700
Master Warrant Officer35400 – 94100476005200620059000360056400

Career Advancement in the Air Force’s X and Y Groups

During their career in the Air Force, Airmen are promoted to higher positions. In addition, suitable Airmen between the ages of 19 and 20 may seek selection as a Flying Branch Officer. In the Ground Duty Branches, serving Airmen may apply for appointment to the Officer’s rank (other than Medical).

(a) Annual Appraisal Report (AAR/AR/ACR): 

The ‘Annual Appraisal Report (AAR)’ is raised every year by the Superior Officer under whom the Airmen operate. It is the foundation for advancement in the Indian Air Force, and people of various grades may use it.

(b) Promotion Tests:

Airmen must pass departmental exams to advance in addition to AAR. Apart from professional expertise, these internal tests guarantee that Airmen have a fundamental understanding of Air Force legislation, service writing, administration, and military history.

(c) Minimum Service:

The following factor is the minimum term and service in a certain rank, and it is a crucial criterion for advancement. Each year in May, a Promotion Board is formed at the Air Force Record Office to review personnel for promotion. The current standard of minimal service is as follows:

PromotionMinimum Length of Service
Aircraftsman to Leading Aircraftman2 Years (including training)
Leading Aircraftman to Corporal5 Years
Corporal to Sergeant13 Years and 6 months
Sergeant to Junior Warrant Officer17 Years
Junior Warrant Officer to Warrant Officer23 Years
Warrant Officer to Master Warrant Officer28 Years

Please keep in mind that you must pass both the Corporal Promotion Exam and the Sergeant Promotion Exam to advance. There is no need to pass an exam to be promoted to LAC.

Aside from the JWO Promotion Exam, after the rank of Sergeant, one must have a strong record of talent, behavior, and other factors evaluated for subsequent promotion.

Airmen’s Pay Rises As They Go Through The Ranks. Here’s All You Need To Know:

Rank of Airmen (Promotional Vertical)Pay Matrix LevelStarting Basic PayMilitary Service Pay (MSP)
Aircraftsman3Rs. 21,700Rs. 5,200
Leading Aircraftsman3Rs. 21,700Rs. 5,200
Corporal4Rs. 25,500Rs. 5,200
Sergeant5Rs. 29,200Rs. 5,200
Junior Warrant Officer6Rs. 35,400Rs. 5,200
Warrant Officer7Rs. 44,900Rs. 5,200
Master Warrant Officer8Rs. 47,600Rs. 5,200

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