How Should I Setup My Gaming Equipment to Protect My Posture

How Should I Setup My Gaming Equipment to Protect My Posture?

If you love to engage in a bit of gaming after work and you work in a traditional office job or even remotely, chances are you’re spending a great deal of time at your desk. This can negatively impact many areas of your physical health, especially your posture. The good news? It’s never too late to switch up your setup so that you can focus on changing the way you sit at your desk when you’re playing your favorite games. Here are a few tips on how to set up your gaming equipment to protect your posture.

Invest In Items That Make It Easier To Sit Back And Relax

If the majority of the time spent playing at your PC entails you hunched over your keyboard and mouse, you’re naturally going to struggle with your posture. One way to work around this issue is to look for the best PC game controller that allows you to sit back while you’re playing your favorite PC games. Much like the controllers you would expect to use if you were playing a game on your PlayStation or Xbox, today’s elite controllers for PC gamers come with a D-pad, triggers, and analog sticks for seamless navigation.

Many of them also come with an ergonomic grip, DualShock capabilities, and wireless play with extended battery life so you don’t have to worry about running out of juice when you need it most. Whether you’re a fan of the Sony DualSense Wireless Controller, the Razer Wolverine Ultimate, or the slimmer Backbone One, there’s a great PC controller out there for all gamers.

Look For Items That Offer Additional Support While You’re Gaming

Regardless of the platform you love playing on, there are so many cool pieces of tech out there to make your gaming experience better for you. Some things like Bluetooth headphones and ergonomic gaming chairs are a given if you want to play your favorite Steam games without dealing with constant lower back pain. However, some other tools may not be common sense. One way to get some additional support is to look for a posture corrector.

A posture corrector gives you extra support to help you cultivate greater awareness of how you sit so that it becomes second nature to sit up straight. Some even come with extra functionality, like vibrating when you begin to slouch. Of course, it’s important that you don’t use these items in lieu of medical treatment. A quick trip to a local medical center that can treat your back problems will do wonders. Once you’ve wrapped up your favorite shooter or racing game, just do a quick Google search for, “Neck and Back Treatment in Mount Laurel NJ” to get the support you need.

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Put Some Clear Reminders In Your Gaming Space So You Don’t Forget

Humans are creatures of habit. This means that if we don’t remind ourselves that we’re trying to improve our posture, we may end up forgetting and further contributing to our back issues. Set up your equipment in such a way that you have extra space for a small board or notepad. Then, cultivate greater self-awareness around your slouching by writing a large note in front of you to remember to sit up straight and use supportive products to keep your lower back and upper back protected. When we don’t allow ourselves to forget, we can make it easier to reach our goals.

Gaming can take a toll on the body, especially if your work entails engaging in the same type of sedentary activity. If you’re looking to improve your gaming setup so that you can reduce your back pain and discomfort, the tips offered above will give you a better idea of how to do that with the help of some simple tools.