4 Online Tools That Can Improve Workflow for Your Team

4 Online Tools That Can Improve Workflow for Your Team

While handling a project or being part of a team, you must create the proper channels. Work needs to flow from point A to point B effortlessly, and every group member needs to understand their role and responsibility. 

Software and tools that improve office workflow can create an automated process that will help you handle your entire project. It will allow you to organize, classify, and schedule everything that goes on in your project so that everyone can focus on their tasks without worrying about wasting time.

This is especially helpful when you consider that different ideas and programs need to coordinate to achieve a result. If you are in search of these valuable tools, these are some options you should look at. 

1. File Conversion – PDFBear 

While working on a project, you would most certainly have to pass documents around to your teammates and manager. This means you would need to convert documents to different formats. 

You can easily convert your PDF to Word documents and vice versa using PDFBear. If you need to convert PDF files into different formats, PDFBear is your answer to your needs. This software offers a simple step-by-step process that will enable you to convert your files in just a few clicks quickly. 

All you need to do is drag and drop the file you need to convert or upload directly. Click on convert, wait for the process to be over, and your document is ready to be downloaded or sent to your desired user. You can also convert Word to PDF by using PDFBear.

2. Work Management – Kiss Flow 

Kissflow offers a unified workplace for different kinds of work. Kissflow aims to be a leader in offering an easy-to-use solution for companies who want to increase efficiency and decrease cost while streamlining internal processes. The key features include workflow solutions for HR, vendor management, accounting and project management, and workflow automation for projects.

By combining high-end technologies and cutting-edge functionality, Kissflow offers users a complete solution for their communication requirements. Using the robust event management framework, Kissflow enables you to quickly and efficiently gain access to vital information within your teammates. 

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Unique features like workflow automation, case management, and integration with other third-party project management tools reduce manual tasks associated with data entry, task completion, and reporting. 

Kissflow allows users to import easily and export documents, create documents, manage payroll effectively and increase efficiency by implementing workflow automation.

Furthermore, it also provides users with the ability to easily create and share ideas and all the necessary functionality required to run various business areas. 

3. Video Conferencing – Google Meet

Google Meet is a video-communication software developed by Google. In other words, it’s a platform made for video chat between two or more people, making it a true competitor for other video conferencing giants like Skype and Zoom. 

How does Google meet work? It’s all about two things. First of all, the participants need to have a Google account. Then, they need to have an online connection, and they can start the conferencing process by inviting their friends and asking them to join the group.

Through a group chat feature, these people can share a file with their colleagues/clients. Each participant can also have a webcam opened to see each other while the meeting is going on. There is also a feature that allows you to share your screen. This can enable you to present slides to the rest of the participants. Google meet is a simple to use software with useful functions to organize their meetings without needing too much technological know-how. 

4. Project Management – Trello 

Trello has become a well-known and established project management tool used by a wide range of business owners worldwide. Trello is a highly customizable web-based project management tool that is a subsidiary of Atlassian, a California-based software company that produces web-based applications. 

It has become so popular that its intuitive user interface and powerful features make multiple managing projects much easier. Many entrepreneurs have found that Trello can help them plan out their businesses, handle their communication channels and increase their efficiency, all using a simple-to-use dashboard and moveable cards. 

A Trello board is divided into many horizontal panels, and each represents a single task or item in your planning process. Items are listed in a vertical position and can be planned out according to the due date, urgency, and impact. Each project’s planning and execution phases are represented visually on the various levels of a Trello board, making it very easy to determine what needs to be prioritized for immediate focus.

Additionally, due to its robustness and powerful task status reporting functionality, Trello is also perfect for tracking down bottlenecks in project management.

This impressive list of clients speaks to the widespread appeal of Trello. In short, the Trello app offers you an incredibly versatile project management tool that manages all of your work within an organized and systematic fashion while simultaneously providing you with the flexibility and user-friendly interface that any business needs to stay current and efficient. 


There are many different types of software to improve office workflow available today, and each of them offers something a little different from the other. Some are better for brainstorming purposes, while others are better for sharing documents.

Some of the software to improve office workflow is available through their site, while others require that you download the software onto your computer. You will also have to install the software to be able to use it. 

Another important aspect of office workflow tools is that they will allow you to have meetings and work fully from home. This is something that is becoming increasingly easier to do as more computers come with webcams installed. 

You can log into your platform from any internet-connected computer and make any changes or share documents with the people in your company. This can be a great help for businesses since it reduces the need to sit for hours in traffic.