How to Increase Church Attendance in 7 Steps

How to Increase Church Attendance in 7 Steps

Are you worried about a dwindling congregation? Sadly, the decline of Christianity in the U.S. is evident.

But we don’t have to lose faith! There are actions we can take to improve church attendance. If your church isn’t attracting a congregation, you can follow the steps in this guide to change this.

Make sure you gather your church staff and volunteers around to study this guide. We all have to make a group effort to help spread the message of Christ!

Let’s start with using church software:

1. Use Church Software to Manage Your Tasks

If you use church software such as you’ll have an easier time managing your tasks. 

These tasks will include managing a church directory, promoting events, accepting donations, and tracking finances. Many churches across the country are using church software to help manage their tasks much easier.

It’ll make a huge difference in helping you better organize your church’s tasks. Once you do this, you’ll be able to take on the next steps in this guide.  

2. Find Members Who Wish to Be Active

Many church attendees are just that — attendees and not participants. You want to find members of your congregation who wish you to be more active in your church.

If you’re able to find a few active members, they’re likely to attract more members. Much of the reason why church attendance is declining is that we need to encourage activity rather than mere attendance.

For example, you can encourage members of your congregation to do missionary work around the local community. Do you have bilingual members in your congregation? Perhaps they could translate portions of the Bible or pamphlets that your church produces.

Perhaps these congregation members can help with planning church events. These can range from church socials, Bible study sessions, Sunday School, Baptisms, and much more.

If you take an active role in the church, your attendance will grow. You’ll also encourage others to attend church. This is one of the most important steps to increase your church’s attendance.

3. Promote Your Church Through Social Media

Perhaps the reason we’re seeing a decline in church attendance is that we’re still using traditional marketing.

The best way to promote your church attendance today is through social media. You can use platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to create profiles for your church.

On these profiles, you can share photos of your church. You can also share videos or even live streams of sermons or choir performances. You can also share your favorite Bible verses or anything from Christ’s message through social media.

With these platforms, you’ll reach a whole new audience that may live outside your local community. Nevertheless, these audience members can become members of your congregation.

4. Plan Events

Nothing can ensure greater church attendance than an event that differs from the usual Sunday service.

You also want to hold church events as often as possible. For example, once a month you can hold a church fundraising event. There can also be a church talent show every three months for the youth to partake in.

Church events can also range around Christian and National holidays. You can plan events for Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

You can also plan events for National holidays such as Thanksgiving, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, and the Fourth of July.

These events should be a way to bring your congregation together. It should be a function for bringing people closer while breaking away from the routine of a regular service.

5. Be Active in Local Matters

Do you want your church to be a valuable part of the local community? If so, you’ve got to be active in local matters.

For example, perhaps your church can be used as a location for voting in both local and national elections. Your church can also partake in community service. Many churches offer their space for feeding the homeless, tutoring children, and holding rehabilitation meetings.

You want your church to be seen as a sanctuary for anyone in your local community. If someone feels the need to impact their community, they can use your church as their community center. 

In other words, the priest will not be the only person speaking from the pulpit! You can allow other members of the community to voice their concerns from your church.

6. Hold Bible Study Sessions

Church attendance shouldn’t just be about listening to a sermon. With Bible study sessions, your congregation can discuss the Bible.

This lets them understand the word of the Bible on their own. It gives them an opportunity to become closer in their relationship with Christ. This is also what instills an appreciation for the Christian Faith.

One of the main demographics that are leading the decline in church attendance is the youth. Today’s youth wish to engage with others and speak their mind. Holding Bible study sessions gives them the opportunity to do so.

7. Promote Christianity

The final step to increase church attendance is to promote Christianity itself! In a multi-faith country such as hours, Christianity has to compete with other faiths and ideologies.

Faiths and ideologies help people finding meaning in their lives. It helps them develop a moral compass on which they decide to base their lives.

You want to let people know why Christianity is a faith that can help them find meaning. You want to let them know how they can find comfort in their lives when they develop a relationship with Christ.

If you promote Christianity, then church attendance will soon follow!

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Increase Your Church Attendance Today

If you follow the steps in this guide, you’ll have no problem with increasing your church attendance.

Before you do anything else, make sure you use church software to manage your tasks. This will help you run your church in a much more efficient manner.

You want to then encourage members to take a more active role within your church. Don’t be afraid to use social media platforms to reach out to new members.

You can find more tips on running your church on our website!