Coin Collecting Websites and Blogs Worth Checking Out

Coin Collecting Websites and Blogs Worth Checking Out

A numismatist, pronounced noo-miz-ma-tiks, is the name you give someone that collects coins – and there are more people out there that have this title than you’d think. Coin collectors don’t just collect quarters from all 50 states like most people attempted when the state quarters first came out, but specialize in all sorts of coins, modern and ancient.

Whether you’ve been collecting coins for a while, are looking to get into the hobby, or want to understand what someone in your life gets out of this eclectic pursuit, we’ve put together a list of our favorite coin collecting websites and blogs for you to visit, below.

Professional Coin Grading Services: PCGS.Com

This site is run by the Collectors Universe corporation and is updated regularly, with multiple posts this year. The site itself is free, but they do have membership options if you’d like to submit coins to them for coin grading. Plans range from $69 a year to $249, with levels based on the number of coins you want to submit.

But don’t worry, there is plenty of content to read without paying (a very old) dime. You can read articles on everything from Rarieties seen at recent shows, advice on how to collect certain types of coins, reports on recent auctions, and read about upcoming coin and money shows.

1. Coins-World.Info

If you’re looking for a coin site with a more European perspective, check this one out. Don’t be alarmed by the Russian writing at the top of the site, the information is in English! While the site itself looks old-school, when it comes to theme and display, it does have relatively up-to-date information.

They have a YouTube channel where you can learn about old and new money (like the new Euro bills) as well as ancient coins. Their money histories are pretty basic, but they have a great photo collection of dollar bills (US and other) that you can see laid out side by side. Some of the old fonts will make you say “we should re-brand”!

2. CoinWeek

This is one of the most often updated coin blogs out there. They have a huge range of topics, from shipwreck coins to guides on which clubs and organizations you should join as a numismatist. They even have their podcast, if you get tired of reading the thousands of articles on their website.

Their site is divided into helpful categories based on the kind of coins (Us, Ancient, World) you like, so you don’t have to sift through a bunch of useless information. They may even have a few articles about a military challenge coin or two if you look close enough!

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More Coin Collecting Websites to Love

If that’s not enough for you, most of these sites link to other coin collecting websites, so you can expand your horizons even further. They even link to sites where you can find coins you’ve been looking for, too!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this foray into the coin collecting hobby and wish you luck on your search!