5 Common Print Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

5 Common Print Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The range of marketing materials available today makes choosing the right additions to your marketing plan quite a challenge. Flyers, posters, and printed materials are wonderful to have on hand, but if they are not utilized correctly, they can be a waste of money.

In the same vein, print marketing mistakes are all too easy to make, if you do not know what you are doing. 

Ready for more? Keep reading to identify some of the top print marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

The Best Print Materials to Use

There is no definitive list of the top print materials that every single business should use. These materials vary in their effectiveness depending on the business using them.

However, there are a variety of materials that are generally effective, and can be implemented in a marketing plan with varying degrees of success.

Custom letterhead is a subtle marketing material that every business should use. The professional appearance of letterhead offers not only a polished appearance to business correspondence but can offer a simple way to promote your business.

Posters are another marketing material that most companies can find success with. Whether you are implementing posters within your stores or outside of it, posters are a great way to advertise new sales, brand new products, or just a branding message.

Print Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Finding a selection of marketing materials is easy. What is more difficult is anticipating mistakes. Review the list of common marketing mistakes below to help strengthen the effectiveness of your print marketing materials.

1. No Call to Action

On some materials, like pint glass koozies, a call to action may not seem appropriate. But a call to action is your business’s most powerful tool. Make sure to put time into developing an appropriate call to action for all materials.

Always include a call to action in your print marketing strategy.

2. Busy Designs

A design that is too overloaded with text and images is not appealing. Your message tends to get buried within the clutter and leaves your customers confused.

Instead, employ clean, simple text with tasteful images, and allow your message to shine through.

3. Muddled Brand 

If your brand gets buried in sales ads or cluttered images, there is very little point in working with print materials. Make sure your brand is prominent and easy to find so that future customers know exactly where to find you.

4. Vagueness

Any kind of vague wording within your messaging should be avoided at all costs. Make your language clear and concise, so customers have no trouble understanding what your advertisements are about or what your brand sells.

5. Lack of Ad Communication

Along with vague wording, not communicating your point is extremely harmful to your brand. If you are promoting a sale but have no details about the location or the date, how can you expect customers to shop with you?

Make sure your statements are clear and easy to understand so that you don’t miss out on any customers.

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