Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit Ideas

10 Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit Ideas

There are over 7 million listings on Airbnb.

These short-term stays include private rooms in family homes, small apartments, and boutique hotel rooms. There’s also a growing number of detached accessory dwelling units listed on the app.

These detached units are ideal for renters looking to make extra cash or those wanting a private, comfortable unit for their own friends and family. Planning and designing a detached accessory unit is a lot of work, but we’re here to help get the ball rolling.

Below is a quick list of 10 detached accessory dwelling unit ideas to consider when creating your space.

1. Modern Tiny Home

Keep it simple with a small kitchen that includes a mini stovetop, a sink, a few cabinets, a microwave, and a mini-fridge. Install marble countertops and stainless steel appliances for a sleek look.

For the bathroom area, look to RVs for inspiration on how to create a small shower. Use colored tiles for the shower to add pops of color. Purchase a couple of hanging plants to bring fresh breath air to the space.

Create a sitting area under a lofted bed to save space while offering comfort. All you’ll need to get up to the bed is a narrow staircase or a ladder.

2. Stylish Shipping Container

We know using a shipping container sounds crazy when creating an accessory dwelling unit, but we promise it’s worth it. There are tons of examples to check out online when gathering inspiration.

Invest in an old shipping container, and select the perfect place for this unit on your property. Guarantee you’re able to connect the unit to plumbing and electricity before deciding on its final resting place.

Clean the container, and add a fresh coat of paint to both the interior and exterior. Install a glass sliding door for the entrance/exit point, and get creative with the rest.

3. Backyard Cottage

Create a serene space by building a backyard cottage. Consider using materials such as wood and stone for an authentic fairytale escape. Don’t forget to install plenty of windows for natural light.

Keep the electronics to a minimum for an off-the-grid experience. Fill the space instead with large bookshelves, art supplies, and cozy sofas. You can even add a few shelves to display antique knick-knacks.

Get started with your backyard cottage today by checking out The Ultimate Guide to Pre-Approved ADU plans.

4. Retro ’50s Airstream

Head to local thrift stores and markets to find the perfect retro-styled accessories to decorate your Airstream. To give guests some old-fashioned cooking inspiration, fill the kitchen area with cookbooks from the 50s.

Provide a few lawn chairs and an awning in front of the Airstream for an outdoor sitting area. Light up with the area with a neon sign or LED lights.

5. Outdoor ‘Glamping’ Experience

Is creating accessory dwelling unit plans getting to be too complex? Keep it simple by creating a ‘glamping’ experience. (Glamping stands for glamorous camping.)

Pitch a large permanent tent in the backyard, and create electrical connections. Buy 2 twin-sized or 1 queen-sized and plenty of warm blankets for sleeping arrangements. Finish the tent with a bug net at the opening, a small side table, a mini-fridge, and a microwave.

They’ll have a fun camping experience with a few added luxuries. Don’t forget to provide directions to the bathroom inside your home!

6. Renovated Detached Garage

There’s no need to create original accessory dwelling unit floor plans when you have an old, shabby detached garage in your backyard.

Take a look at your old garage to see what needs to be fixed. Fix any leaks in the roof, clean up the floors, and throw away all of the garbage you’ve thrown in there over the years.

Throwdown a few colorful rugs, hang new light fixtures and add a new sofa bed for a funky living space. To avoid the pain of painting, cover the walls with local wall art and stick-on wallpaper strips.

7. Restored Barn

Just like a renovated garage, clean out and flip your old barn into a restored space for guests. Barns are typically large and offer plenty of space for large groups.

Use the high ceilings to your advantage to create an open-air feeling inside the dwelling space: Hang string, twinkling lights from the barn ceiling for a romantic feel.

Purchase antique furniture from local markets to carry on the old-fashioned rustic feel, and don’t forget to leave your guests with a pitcher of fresh lemonade.

8. Zen Garden Home

Design a minimalistic space to promote a feeling of zen and relaxation.

Use soft, neutral colors for the home’s paint, and stick with wooden accents throughout the dwelling unit. For decorations, add a few large plants and some hanging mirrors, and woven art.

Leave an open space for meditative and yoga practices. Add a few mats, blankets, yoga blocks, and pillows to the area for guests to use in their practice.

Behind the unit, plant a large garden your guests can relax in throughout the day.

9. Home Office

Because so much of the world is working from home now, create a detached dwelling unit for the sole purpose of work. It’ll be your private area away from distractions inside your home.

Fill the space with a desk, chairs, a large drawing board, and other materials you might need for your duties. Treat yourself by also purchasing a brand new coffee machine.

Install a special lock on the door, so your children can’t come in and mess with your materials.

10. Detached Play Room

Turn a detached dwelling unit into every kid’s dream playroom. Install brightly colored carpet, dry erase boards, and color-changing lights to create a feeling of excitement.

Toss all their toys from your main home into the detached playroom, and watch how clean your home becomes. If you have students who enjoy drawing or writing, purchase tables, and chairs to practice their creative pursuits.

Leave a small corner for you to enjoy while you keep them company during playtime.

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Add More to Your Home: 10 Ideas for a Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit

Do you want to create a unique, private space on your home property? Design and build a detached accessory dwelling unit for your family and guests.

You can take many directions when designing the space, including renovating an old barn or purchasing a used shipping container. Let your imagination run wild to create a space you’re proud of.

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