A Beginners Guide For Event Decorating

Event Planning: A Beginners Guide For Event Decorating

If you have a knack for planning, then event decorating might be a good career path for you. However, if you’re a beginner, you may feel overwhelmed.

Are you wondering how you should design the event? What decor looks best? Well, check out the suggestions below to learn some of the best event decorating ideas for beginners.

Creative Backdrops

One of the best ways to impress your guests is to provide visual stimulation. You don’t want the space to look basic and boring, so backdrops are great for event decorating.

You can even do a digital backdrop using LED screens to provide a more intriguing presentation. This option is great for speaking events. You can have a video reel playing in the background as the host talks to the attendees.

If you’re just getting started and your budget is low, that’s okay. Check out the highlighted link to learn how to make banner online designs.

Food Display

Is it really an event if it doesn’t include food? If you’re decorating a gala or wedding, food brings an extra level of excitement to the event. But it’s not enough just to sit out trays.

Take things to another level by boosting the presentation. You can do a chocolate fountain or a donut wall. Maybe put out a popcorn machine. Get creative!

Table Decor

As your guests are seated, you want them to feel nice. Table decor helps to bring your event decorations to life. When people are seated, they can get an up-close look at your creativity.

Design the napkins in a decorative way or layout cute silverware. If you are designing a tech event, you can also step things up by using iPads to display event information.


When you’re putting together a big event, everyone needs a place to sit. However, step away from the norm and uniquely design the seating arrangements. Instead of using traditional conference chairs, consider bar stools or couches. You can even arrange the seats in separated sections or in a circle.

Goodie Bags

Show your guests that you care by giving them gifts. There’s no better way to say thank you than to offer a small token of your appreciation. You’d be surprised at how much the guests light up from receiving a small bag of goodies.

You can either provide candy or knick-knack items. If you’re decorating a conference, it’s also a good idea to put together swag bags for everyone. Adding this extra little touch can help to promote the event holders by using items with their branding logos.

Furthermore, it helps attendees to see the organization in a positive light. Not to mention, it gives you another opportunity to show off your creativity.

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Event Decorating for Beginners

Event decorating is fun and fulfilling. However, it can be a little nerve-wracking when you’re just starting out. But hopefully, the tips above help you to get a basic understanding of what you need. 

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