Why Is CBD Flower And Other CBD Products Popular?

You probably have heard already about the recent buzz of many people with these CBD products. Why is it popular? Well, different factors make something prominent. These factors include the products’ uniqueness, their capacity to work excellently, or if there’s added controversy to it. 

As for CBD products, we might say it may have gained popularity because it has everything that we mentioned earlier. There are a lot of unique CBD products you may even don’t expect to exist! Also, numerous studies have suggested that there are plenty of benefits that we can get from consuming it. As for the controversy, CBD or Cannabidiol have been associated with marijuana which made people wonder about it. Let us discuss further these.

Benefits Of Using Cannabidiol Products

Before we get to know the different unique Cannabidiol products, let us first discuss the benefits we can get from them. Studies have shown identified positive effects of consuming cannabidiol, it includes the following:

1. Helps You Deal With The Pain

If you are experiencing any pain, Cannabidiol products are said to be a decent help. It is said to lessen the pain and make you feel better. An example is pain in your joint when you have arthritis (it is antiarthritic) and if you have pain after strenuous activities (it has anti-inflammatory effects). 

2. Helps With Your Anxiety And Depression

Aside from the physical pain, you are feeling, Cannabidiol is said to help also with your emotional pain. If you feel down, anxious, and depressed, it will help set your mood and give you a positive feeling. It is also said to aid you to good sleep. 

3. Helps With Neurological Disorders

It is said that CBD could help in the treatment of neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. It is also said to have good effects on people with Alzheimer’s disease (AD), Parkinson’s disease (PD), and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  

Others include improvement of heart health, lower down blood glucose, helps with cancer and cancer-related symptoms, etc. Because of the positive effects of CBD consumption, it became prominent (read more). 

Cannabidiol Products

Aside from the uniqueness of Cannabidiol products, it became even more popular when growing hemp was legalized through the Farm Bill that was signed into law last 2018 by former president Trump. After it was legalized, a lot of products emerged in the market like the following: 

1. Gummies

When you do not like that much the idea of consuming extreme Cannabidiol products, you may try these gummies. Kids who need Cannabidiol (like when they have cancer / cancer-related symptoms) products may have this as an option.

2. Honey Sticks

When you want a healthy pair with your coffee or if you want a healthy dessert, you may try these honey sticks as an alternative for your sugar.

3. Tissue Paper

It may seem weird but yes, this exists! There is not much of a basis for the benefits you may get from using tissue paper infused with cannabidiol but it is safe to use and it sounds cool. 

4. Toothpick And Toothpaste

As discussed earlier, Cannabidiol helps you with pain and has anti-inflammatory effects. Having it in toothpick and toothpaste would help you if you are experiencing gum problems, toothache, etc. 

5. Pillowcases And Bedsheets

Like the tissue, there is not much of a basis for the effect of CBD when infuses in sheets. However, as mentioned earlier, CBD may help you get a good sleep. So having it also in your pillowcases and sheets may add to your relaxation.

6. Yoga Outfit

The anti-inflammatory effects, pain-relieving powers and the capacity to help you relax of Cannabidiol may greatly help when you wear it during your workout/yoga. 

Because of the uniqueness of these products, it added to its popularity. Another popular product is CBD flower strain which is also a cool product. It is the hemp plant’s flower that was processed to be ready for use. 

What also makes these strains widely known is because you can use them in different ways like vaping, mix it with your food, add it to your drinks, etc., and also it is concentrated, which means you get more Cannabidiol (but of course you have to make sure you get not more than what is allowable).

The Controversy

These Cannabidiol products went through a lot of controversies which helped in gaining their popularity. What made it controversial is that it was linked with marijuana. Let us clear things out.

Marijuana and hemp are plants that are both from the Cannabis plant genus. This means they are related but they are different. Marijuana contains more Tetrahydrocannabinol, a psychoactive component, which gives you the “high” feeling when consuming it. On the other hand, hemp contains only a little of that because it contains more of Cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive component, which could never give you the “high” feeling. 

This means that it is the marijuana that makes you high and not the hemp. Moreover, the growing of hemp was legalized by former president Trump last 2018 when he signed into law the Farm Bill. However, even if it is a federal law, each state has its jurisdiction for this. 

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All in all, consuming CBD products is safe. If you plan on trying out these products, always seek help from an expert, especially your doctor. You will not have a hard time looking for these products since they are available almost everywhere but be careful though because you have to make sure first that the products are not restricted in the place where you are going to use them. You may check its legality in different places on this site https://www.ncsl.org/research/health/state-medical-marijuana-laws.aspx. Better be sure than to sleep in jail!