Unspoken Rules For Rental Homes After World Pandemic

Unspoken Rules For Rental Homes After World Pandemic

The world feels different altogether after COVID-19. If this worldwide pandemic has taught us anything, it’s to be ready for the unexpected, even for a world health emergency. Helping your community by setting safety rules and implementing technology is the need of the hour. While the world reopens for travel, guests will be more anxious than ever about hygiene. 

When traveling is viewed as a way to escape loneliness and anxiety, your rental home should feel like a safe haven. 

As a responsible owner of a rental home, you must protect your staff, guests, and community. Following are some unspoken rules for reopening rental homes following a pandemic.

  1. Disinfect your short-term rental home.

The new normal cleaning process will help disinfect a variety of surfaces. You should pay attention to high-touch areas of your space. It will help you in ensuring the safety and cleanliness of your property. By cleaning first, then disinfecting, you can lower the risk of infection. For the rental homes to be COVID safe, disinfect everything. Focus on high-touch areas, such as

  • Door knobs, switches, and controls
  • Bathroom faucets, flush handles, and toilet seats
  • Cutlery, utensils, and crockery
  • Chairs, tables, and bed frame
  • Bunk beds, toys, and play equipment, and other children’s amenities
  • Linen, even if it appears unused.
  • Containers for garbage, recycling, and other waste disposals
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Information for visitors, brochures, and meals

2. Establish a Wait Time of at least 24 hours between guests.You can wait 72 hours between reservations. 

3.While check-in with guests, you should make vaccination and negative COVID-19 reports compulsory.

4.In the event of a suspected case of COVID-19, equip the reception desk with PPE kits. Train the staff to assist guests in using the same. It should include the disposable goods listed below:

  • Disinfectant and cleaning cloths and wipes
  • Protective gears for eyes, nose, and hands, like mask, gloves, and shield
  • Biohazard waste bag
  • Isolation gown or apron  

5. Reassure guests that the rental home is COVID safe. Specify to your guests that you are following the WHO, CDC guidelines to make them feel safe and secure.

6. Cut personal contact. Provide all the information, brochures, and recommendations via call or mail.

7.   Encourage COVID-19 appropriate behavior for everyone.

  • Install social distancing rules during check-in and check-out. Maintain at least 1 m distance while interacting.
  • Recommend your guests and staff remove shoes when entering the rental home.
  • To prevent the spread of COVID-19, everybody should wear disposable N95 masks.
  • You can install sanitizer stands and booths at the door, reminder posters, and the correct procedure to wash hands.
  • Track public areas like swimming pools and fitness centers by trained personnel. Perform thermal scanning on the guests and limit the usage for time and number.

8.    You can mention extra cleaning charges and time to guests before booking.

9.  You can define a cleaning checklist of disinfection and sanitization. It will help in ensuring the completion of disinfection and keeping records.

10.   You should ventilate the property during and after the process of disinfection.

11.   You can opt for high-end, contact-less services like

  • Self-check-in booths
  • Online 24/7 check-in and out
  • Digital minibars
  • Digital key technologies

12.   In case your guests develop symptoms or get a positive Lab report for COVID-19. They should contact local health authorities and inform the rental home too.

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13.   Protect your staff and yourself.

You should wear a mask and gloves while on the premises. Also, avoid touching your face while working or cleaning. Staff should undergo vaccination and thermal screening before entering the premises. Staff members should not work at all if they have symptoms of COVID-19.

Good hygiene is essential for creating an environment that leaves guests pleased and pampered. It also has an impact on how your brand is perceived even after checked out.