10 Best Commercial Cleaning Services

10 Best Commercial Cleaning Services

Did you know that illness in the workplace accounted for almost 15 workdays per year lost in the United States? One of the best ways to provide a clean and productive workplace is by hiring commercial cleaning services for your business or office. Commercial cleaning makes sure that your office’s surfaces, floors, windows, and bathrooms are all spotless.

Providing a clean workplace will make your employees happy to be there and feel like their health and well-being are important to the company. Both your employees and your clients will notice when your office requires cleaning services from commercial cleaning companies.

The good news is that you’ve found the perfect article to help you find the right professional commercial cleaning services for your business’s workplace. Continue reading to learn about the ten best types of commercial cleaning services available today.

1. Basic Office Cleaning

There are different types of office cleaning that suit different types of offices. Some types of office cleaning are geared more towards helping smaller offices that don’t use as much space. A basic office cleaning service is a perfect fit for your small business. It involves basics like sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping your floors.

It also includes cleaning common areas in your office like your kitchen area as well as your bathrooms. It is the perfect fit for keeping your office clean and tidy if you have a small workplace.

2. Deep Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Services

Deep cleaning office services are different than basic office cleaning services in that they’re much more detailed. This type of cleaning service includes all of the things you’ll get with a basic office cleaning service but adds other things as well like cleaning appliances such as microwaves as well as polishing floors and furniture.

You should consider hiring a deep cleaning commercial cleaning service to come to provide a deep clean to your office space at least once per year.

3. Deep Disinfection Cleaning Service

Some offices are large and are the workplace for hundreds of people that visit each day. These workplaces require a different level of cleaning compared to smaller offices that require basic cleaning services. This doesn’t mean that disinfection cleaning services aren’t recommended for smaller offices. It is effective at preventing illness in the workplace and stopping the spread of viruses.

This type of cleaning works by disinfecting every surface in your office. This means floors, desks, keyboards, phones, windows, and even doorknobs. This process tends to take a couple of days since the office will need to vent out the chemicals used for cleaning.

There are even eco-friendly cleaning options that will keep your office spotless. In this article, we tell you precisely why hiring a cleaning service is such a good idea. And if you need more information to help you decide, you can check out Custom Cleaning of the Palm Beaches.

4. Sanitizing Surfaces

This is especially important given the COVID-19 pandemic. Sanitizing surfaces keeps the surfaces in your office clean and free of both viruses and bacteria that lead to illness. A sanitation cleaning company focuses on areas that see a high volume of traffic or that get used a lot throughout the workday.

Things like your desk, keyboard, mouses, and armchairs are all important to get sanitized.

5. Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is another great service that you should consider hiring for your cleaning services at your office. This process involves cleaning both the inside and the outside of the office’s windows for a clean look. It provides the benefit of giving your employees great views while also increasing the amount of natural light that filters into your office.

6. Janitorial Cleaning Services

Janitorial cleaning services are a vital part of the office cleaning process. Janitorial cleaning services take care of a variety of tasks for your office. This includes cleaning and mopping of floors as well as the cleaning of your bathrooms. They’ll also handle the trash collection and disposal for your office.

7. Blinds Cleaning

It might surprise you, but the blinds in your office are a huge hotspot for things like bacteria, mold, and viruses to hang out. These areas won’t appear as dirty until after you’ve hired a cleaning service to come to take care of your office’s blinds cleaning needs. For help with mold removal check out this article on Mold Removal Near Me: The Mold Remediation Process Explained.

The amount of foot traffic that filters through your office will cause dust particles to stick to your office’s blinds. This creates a perfect storm for causing allergy issues with your workers when they spend time in your office.

A good commercial cleaning service will help to not only get rid of the dust on your blinds but also to disinfect your blinds to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

8. Carpet and Flooring Cleaning

One of the biggest signs that you have a clean office is the state of your office’s floors. It doesn’t matter if your office has tile floors or carpet floors, you need to keep the floors in your office clean. This is especially true if your office has carpet flooring since carpet floors capture and hold in mold.

You’ll need to find a good floor cleaning service for help with keeping your office’s floors spotless and free of dust, mold, bacteria, and viruses.

9. Furniture Cleaning

Most offices have a large amount of furniture in them. This furniture helps to provide comfortable working areas for your workers but it also is meant to make your clients feel at home when they come to visit. This makes them areas that see a high volume of foot traffic.

While other types of cleaning will help with your furniture, you should consider hiring commercial cleaning services that have expertise in furniture cleaning every few years.

10. Green Cleaning Services

If your office stands for an eco-friendly world and wants to take a green approach to your office’s cleanliness then you need to consider hiring green cleaning services. They work in the same way that normal basic cleaning services work, but they use eco-friendly cleaning solutions to provide your office with that clean and comfortable setting.

Hire the Best Commercial Cleaning Services for Your Workplace

There is a perfect option for every type of cleaning when it comes to hiring commercial cleaning services for your office’s needs. It will help to keep your employees healthy and comfortable and create a welcoming atmosphere for visiting clients. There are even eco-friendly cleaning options that will keep your office spotless.

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