The present world is the era of technology. Therefore, we can’t imagine ourselves without it. We may forget to eat once but never forget to scroll through our smartphones. As a result, smartphones are now an integral part of our day-to-day lives. Starting from checking emails and organizing appointments connecting with friends and family to capturing special moments everywhere they become necessary. 

Most of us, while handling our smartphones, very often drop them on a concrete floor. This will result in the breaking of the screen and shattering of glass. It is a very common scenario indeed. At this moment, our dependence on them felt more tangibly. 

Background Of The Idea To Start The uBreakiFix:

Justin Wetherill, the founder of the uBreakiFix, also goes through a similar experience 12 years back of his company establishment. He also shattered his iPhone while leaving his grandmother’s house and also felt the same. Therefore, Justin started to find repairing options online. However, whatever options he got were not either affordable or reliable. The only choice was to replace the whole device by pony up a few hundred bucks. Therefore, he decided to fix it himself because he was a tech-savvy young man with technologically good with his hand. 

Then he got an idea in his mind. If he is facing this trouble, he is not alone in this. There must be many people facing similar types of dilemmas in their minds related to breaking their dearest smartphones. They also left with two choices. Either invest in some unreliable companies or spend money on buying a new phone. Triggered by this dilemma and the idea, he went to his college friend David Reiff. Both of them became partners and started to learn the business of repair. They start to learn how to fix the devices. Moreover, they bought broken phones online to practice different repairs. Soon after this, they launched uBreakiFix as an eBay service. 

After that, they opened the first store in Orlando, Florida, at the advice of their other friend Trujilo. The name of the store was uBreakiFix brick-and-mortar store. The service of their store was top-notch. Therefore, they outpaced the online business even. As a result, they became famous and started to serve on a large scale. Gradually the trio started to recruit a small team of close friends to help grow the business. Therefore in four years, they opened 47 corporate stores successfully. Eventually, this aspiration helped them build a 500 store, $ 163 MM tech repair franchise uBreakiFix company. They even maintain the uBreakiFix prices low. Here they keep the uBreakiFix price within reach of the general public.

uBreakiFix Reviews:

With this huge popularity, the uBreakiFix franchise got several recognitions. For instance, in 2018, it got the eighteenth position on Entrepreneur’s 2018 500 lists. Moreover, it was also present in the Orlando Business Journal. In this Journal, their name was present as one of 2019’s “Fast 50”. This is a list of the top 50 fastest-growing private companies in Orlando. The conditions for this list are companies must show consistent growth over three years. Secondly, they prepared the list by marking percentage growth over a two-year time frame. 

This group provides a repair service for anything with a power button. For instance, The range may be Phones, tablets, computers, game consoles, smart speakers, and even drones. However, among common repairs, cracked screens, battery issues, water damage are common. The repair experts already successfully fixed millions of devices. Moreover, they can help with any tech mishaps. This company offers free, no-obligation diagnostics on all gadgets. In addition, they also provide a low uBreakiFix prices guarantee and a 90-day warranty on all repairs. You need to search the store by typing uBreakiFix near me online.

In Conclusion: 

After ten years and more than 5 million repairs, the team finally welcomed their 500th uBreakiFix store. The store is in Tulsa, Oklahoma. However, it is happy for them as they opened in the same month as their brand’s 10th anniversary. Wetherill and his team believe in customer service. They declared that they are a customer service company first before be a tech repair service. According to him, servicing people is a tougher job in comparison to service their devices. He believes that you can teach anyone to repair a phone easily. However, you can’t teach them the interpersonal skills that are necessary for exceptional service. 

Moreover, they believe that they provide the highest caliber technical service. As a result, Google and Samsung-like brands are backing them. Wetherill and his team think they provide an unmatched and personal experience. They said that it is their responsibility to get the customer’s day back on track. Therefore, they never take any responsibility lightly As they think it is about so much more than fixing someone’s phone. As a result, due to their emotional involvement in professional service, they gained this unmatched popularity and success.


How Expensive Is uBreakiFix?

It is less expensive than one can think. At uBreakiFix, an iPhone 6 screen repairs costs start at $ 79. Moreover, the approximate price to replace your iPad Air screen is $ 100. Therefore, we can confirm that the price is not sky-high but within our budget.

Can I Trust uBreakiFix?

As per the review, many customers highly recommend this shop. They reported that the service is top-notch. In addition, if they encounter the screen damage issue again, they will choose uBreakiFix above all others.

How Long Does uBreakiFix Take?

The service is very fast here. Most of the repairs take 30 minutes or less. Except the water damage service takes atlas 24-48 hours to fix the device. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Cracked Screen?

At uBreakiFix, an iPhone 6 screen repair costs start at $ 79. Moreover, the approximate price to replace your iPad Air screen is $ 100. Therefore, we can confirm that the price is not sky-high but within our budget.

Is uBreakiFix Free?

NO, it is not free but not too expensive either. 

Does uBreakiFix Do Walk-ins?

Yes, uBreakiFix does walk-ins. To repair your device here need no appointment beforehand.

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