Instagram Story Views

How to Fix Instagram Story Views Problem?

In today’s world, it is not easy to imagine any individual without social media. It has helped us connect with people around the world. One such popular social media website and application is Instagram. Instagram is a photo and short videos based social media site. It was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and was launched in 2010, and has gained immense popularity since then. You may post images and videos, as well as IG stories that will last for 24 hours.

If you are a content producer or an influencer, then you surely know the importance of IG story views. Getting more views on a Instaagram story makes you reach out to more people. This will allow you to get more followers. However, it is never a good sign to see the views decreasing over time. This article is for you if you’re having trouble with views on your Instagram stories.

How can you increase your story views?

If you are getting fewer views on your IG stories or want to increase your views, you can follow the steps below.

1. Have genuine followers:

The most common cause of issues with story views is the rush of fake interaction. This means that you came across something that triggered bot interaction or purchased likes and followers. This will lead to a decline in your story views. Make sure to have genuine followers to have consistency in the views of your story.

2. Provide fresh content:

If you are uploading stories regarding an old trend, not keeping up with the latest development, or not changing your content, then you may need to change this. People will not be interested anymore in viewing your stories due to your stale content. Remember to provide fresh content to your Instagram story viewers.

3. Use hashtags (#):

Hashtags assist in the discovery of your story by others. If you don’t use hashtags, then it could be the reason for not getting many views on your story. Keep in mind to use proper hashtags with your stories to get more views.

4. Upload regularly:

Uploading just once a day or whenever it is comfortable for you will lead to decreased views. This will also not let you connect to your audience. It is advisable to upload consistently with fresh content to gain views.

What to do if the view count isn’t showing up in your story?

Another problem that you might face with Instagram story views is the view count not showing. The fixes and reasons for this problem are given below.

1. Problem with Instagram’s servers:

There can be issues with Instagram’s servers. This can cause the problem of the story view count not showing up. To overcome this problem, you will just have to wait till Instagram fixes it.

2. Restart your application:

The Instagram application suffers from glitches and bugs very often. Specifically, when the application is running in the background. A glitch or a bug might be the reason for the failure to see the view count. You can refresh your session to update the view count or close the app entirely and then open it again to solve the problem.

3. Instagram app not updated:

Using an old version of the application can also cause this problem. You can simply update Instagram to fix this issue. Updating will also ensure that you have all the latest features of the app and also all the bug fixes.