Bookmark These Top 20 YTS Proxy Sites to Unblock Yify

YTS Proxy

Torrent websites are the best source for the access of media content through online methods. These websites are secured and encrypted to provide access to the best quality media material without any difficulty. Such websites are protected by copyright acts and perform the functions under rules and regulations. But now, these torrent websites are blocked by ISPs of many countries. Because of this, you can’t use these websites in those respective countries.

Now, the time has changed, and you can easily use the features and blocked media content from the website. The customers will not face difficulty in using the website because of the proxy available for websites like YTS /YIFY. The YTS proxy websites are the best option that you can use for accessing the content and having entertainment.

Description About YTS/YIFI

Yts/Yifi is a torrent website that dominates the torrent industry by providing several benefits to users. Top user-friendly interface and high-quality graphics are the best features and reasons behind the popularity of the website for torrent content. The website is ruling the heart of people because it provides several features. Due to some issues of copyright, people are not able to use these websites, and they have been blocked. The public uses the website tremendously because of high-quality downloadable content.

When using the yts yify website, you can easily get your content from the category illustrated properly. You can also make a sort on several niches such as alphabetical order, print quality, rating, and language. For such features provided to the consumers, the quantity of people accessing the website is in millions.

Type of Website:Torrent Downloading
Admin:Yiftach Swery
Launched Year:2010
Headquarter:New Zealand

Reasons Behind The Blocking Of YTS

Are you not aware of the meaning of the yts meaning? So, you must know this is a torrent website that provides you a variety of streaming and media content, and you can use it accordingly. But these websites are blocked by server now, and people can’t use because of restriction made by government authorities. The reason for the blocking is to confirm that you are following the copyright laws applied in the country. The ISP of the users is made to restrict the usage of several forbidden websites.

The legal authorities keep this thing in mind, and because of this, you cannot use the website for the yts movies. It is possible that you can’t download the content on the website because the ISP does not support the bandwidth of the respective server. If the ISP of a specific device does not support the bandwidth of the particular website, then you cannot download the content. You might see that the YTS torrent website is blocked, or you will feel a slow speed issue by which you will finally stop the process.

How Can We Access Blocked YTS Website?

People always face discomfort when they are not able to access Yifi movies. This is because the site is blocked. If you take care of the points illustrated here, then you will get to know the methods to adopt. If a person makes proper use of them, using the website will be easier. When people get attached to the proxy sites of the yifi torrents website they can easily get the content. If you cannot use the website, then you can make use of a YTS proxy website instead because it will help you well.

One who uses a reliable proxy website will not face any problem getting attached to good quality media content. You will be helped when using the clones of YTS websites provided by this method for having media. The providers keep the scenario in mind and provide you with the best quality content by these proxy sites. If you are facing the problem of ISP blockage, then you can use the VPN service because this is the best option.

When you use the VPN service, then the torrent website can easily be accessed. In such a case, the website is accessed from a location where the use of the torrent website is not prohibited. When using VPN software, you can access the website, and your activities could not be tracked. This is because you are provided an anonymous server, and the authorities cannot locate the IP address of your connection.

Working Of The YTS Proxy Sites

Proxy sites are the path that will take away from the internet connection to the website that is blocked. These sites act as a bridge and will help you in the way to access the yify yts website. When you begin with the browsing of the proxy website, then a connection is made with the website. These proxy websites take you to the main website by directing you to the main site through interlinking.

So by now, you can easily make use of the main destination website and get yourself the desired content. Moreover, the server will not know about your location because of the proxy website. The user will not face a problem if the website is blocked by the ISP as they will now not your functioning.

Some Reliable YIFY/YTS Proxy Sites

There are several websites that you can have for use as a proxy for getting the yts browse movie. When a person uses the proxy sites, then he will get access to the main content. At the time you are using the main website, you can have a lot of fun and entertainment using such media content. We have mentioned some YTS Proxy sites that will lead you to the YTS movie content with the least effort.

No.YTS Proxy NameYTS Proxy URLStatus
1.Yts Ag
2.Yts Lt
3.Yts Am
4.Yts Tv
5.Yifi Tv
6.Yifi MX
7.Yifi Net
8.Yts Gs
9.Yts It
10.Yts Rs
11.Yts Pm
12.Yify Ac
13.Yts Movie
14.Yts Zone
15.Yts Subs
16.Yts P4y Space
17.Yts Prox4you Xyz
18.Yts P4y Info
19.Yts Mrunlock Pro
20.Yts P4y Xyz

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Are Websites Like YTS Blocked?

The YTS/YIFY is a torrent website that has a lot of attraction for the public for getting used to the media content. But the scenario of the pirated website is blocked by the authorities under some copyright laws. So the users of the website in the respective countries now cannot use the content because these sites are now blocked.

Q2. What Can You Do To Use Blocked YTS Website?

The best solution to the problem where a user cannot access the blocked content is to use the VPN software. These provide you an anonymous path to make a connection with the blocked website. All this is done by making a connection through the server of the country where these sites are not blocked.

Q3. What Is The Use Of Proxy For Torrent Websites?

There are several torrent websites available on the internet like YTS, but the ISP blocks the access. So if you want to make a connection, then proxy sites are going to provide an alternative path for the main website.

Q4. What Is The Current Status Of Yify?

Several torrent websites, including Yify, were blocked by the authorities in 2015. This was done because of the legal allegations made as they were promoting pirated content, and piracy is an illegal activity. So now, if you want to use these websites, then you will have to access the proxy sites or VPN software.

Top 10 Alternatives To The YTS Website

Below mentioned is the list of top 10 alternatives that you can have for the YTS website. If you don’t want to make use of YIFY, then these are the best alternatives that you can use. So, let’s discuss them in brief.

1. Kickass Torrents

It is very clear from the name that Kickass torrent is one of the best Torrent websites on the internet. This is the oldest and most powerful website available on the internet. Due to the presence of some unwanted files on the official website, the popularity of this website has decreased. Still, it is considered to be the best website for the excess of Torrent content because it has gained a lot of popularity earlier.

2. Extra torrent

Apart from the greatest variety available on the internet for Torrent, the Extra torrent is not that popular. Still, you can have access to good quality content with great reviews. This website is supposed to be compatible with the users, and you can also have a lot many ratings for the content. Also, your desire to get your favorite TV show or movie could be fulfilled if you give a request to the server. So it is a must-try a website which is advised to the users for getting the media content.

3. 1337x

1337x is the best blockbuster Torrent website with the availability of unlimited Torrent content. If you are looking for a platform that provides you with an enormous variety of content, then this is the right place. A person would find almost every type of movie in different languages on this website. The users can easily download their favorite content from a website, and also it is famous for compatibility.


As we know that there are many famous websites for the Torrent industry, but RARBG is also a very good platform. Within the shortest released time, you will get the movie or other releases on this website. This platform is also famous for providing web series and other types of content such as music and text files. So if you love to accept the variety in the content, you can make use of the reliable Torrent website.

5. IsoHunt

Another website that is considered reliable in the industry for providing magnificent content. The users are able to make access to a user-friendly interface from the website. Depending upon your desire, you can choose the content such as a movie, shows, web series, music files, application installer packages, or gaming software. The ISOhunt is considered to be one of the best BitTorrent websites, and you can access it without any hesitation.

6. MagTors

There are several Torrent websites on the internet, but it is also important to know about some different things. This alternative for the reliable Torrent website is supposed to be a hosting website. In a single place, you can get access to a great variety of torrent files that you will never forget. You could find more than 4 million people who are using this website actively in their routine. But still, there are people who face the issue related to the security on this particular website.

7. CiniSearch

Unlike any other website available on the Internet, the TV shows and web series provided here are the best. You will not face a problem related to the language of the content available here. Apart from the region where you live, such as America or India, you will get all different types on a single website. Also, this is included in the list of most popular torrent websites available for providing reliable movies.

8. LimeTorrents

Limetorrents is another alternative to the Yts website and is also much popular among users. You can easily download your favorite content using the features available on the website. Another feature that attracts users to this website is the availability of different download options. The users can also make use of the scheduled downloading option present on the website, which is a great suitability.

9. The Pirate Bay

Above we have suggested some of the alternatives to the website, but The Pirate Bay is the best one. This is because of the services that you can avail of from the website. When it is about the variety of movies that you can get here, you will find both Hollywood and Bollywood. This is the reason why there are enormous people looking towards the platform for getting help. From the list of alternatives, this is the best and biggest Torrent website that you can use.

10. 01Torrent

Getting any service for free is considered to be the best thing, and the 01Torrent keeps this thing. You will get a huge variety of features and services on this website. Several people who look for an alternative preferred this website for getting their favorite content. The search of every person ends here on this website because you will find every topic for which you are looking. From the TV shows and web series that you like, you can also find the latest MP3 files on this torrent website.

The Final Thought

Here we have explained the top 10 alternatives that you can use for the yts website. From any of the one, you can choose a particular website and get yourself a suitable substitute. All these websites mentioned are considered to be a good alternative, and you will get your desires fulfilled comfortably.