Take a Deep Breath: 4 Tips to Breathe Easy While Wearing a Face Mask

Take a Deep Breath: 4 Tips to Breathe Easy While Wearing a Face Mask

Due to the global pandemic, facemasks have now become part of our daily outfit. They can be annoying to wear, but they’re essential in keeping us safe from the virus. 

Who knows how things would be now if society didn’t implement mask regulations? But, although we’re accustomed to wearing facemasks, it doesn’t mean they’re easy to wear. 

Sometimes, no matter how much we adjust them, it doesn’t make it easy to breathe in a facemask. We also can’t take them off in some public places because of mask mandates. 

So what can you do? Here are four tips to help you breathe easy while wearing a mask. 

1. Take a Mask Break

It’s impossible to wear your mask 24/7. Your lungs and face will need a break from being confined. 

If you want to take a mask break, make sure that you’re socially distanced. Remove your mask, and take a few deep breaths. 

Make sure that you focus on expanding your ribcage and filling your lungs with air. That way, when you put on your mask, you will be able to breathe easy for a while. 

2. Trying Different Breathing Methods 

Most of us breathe into our noses and out through our mouths when we exhale. Why don’t you try breathing through your nose extensively? Our noses have natural filter systems that prevent certain particles from entering our bodies. 

You can also use other breathing techniques such as box breathing and belly breathing. With box breathing you: 

  • Inhale for two seconds 
  • Hold that breath for two seconds 
  • Exhale for two seconds 
  • Relax for another two seconds before your next breath 

It helps you stay conscious of your breathing and removes any lousy breathing habits. Belly breathing focuses on using fewer chest and neck muscles when you breathe by focusing on your diaphragm. 

3. Change Your Mask 

Sometimes we have trouble breathing with our masks due to the type we’re wearing. Mask materials can restrict our breathing, especially when our face isn’t used to a particular material. 

Try changing your mask to one that better suits your face. You can find more information here about an easy breathing facemask. 

4. Fix Your Posture 

People tend to slouch when they’re walking or sitting. Slouching prevents air from getting into your lungs, which could be why you’re having trouble breathing with your mask. 

Breathing is easier in an upright position. Make sure your back is straight whenever you’re doing activities with your mask on. Your lungs will be able to expand correctly and make it easier for you to breathe. Breathe Easy With These Facemask Tips When you wear a mask, you want to make sure that you’re comfortable. But if you’ve been having trouble, you can breathe easy using the tips above. 

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