The Pros and Cons of Prepaid Cremation, Explained

The Pros and Cons of Prepaid Cremation, Explained

According to some research, 44% of Americans plan on being cremated. If you’re interested in also being cremated, did you know that you can prepay it and take care of it?

There are many different pros and cons of prepaid cremation, but keep reading, and we’ll fill you in on all you need to know to make this important decision.

What Is Prepaid Cremation?

Prepaid cremation is when you start pre-paying for your own funeral. This can really help to lower the costs and stress on your family when you pass away. However, you have to do it correctly.

There are many financial benefits to prepaying for this, and it can reduce the overall cost when that time does come. Some crematories will also give you a discount if you start paying in advance.

However, you normally have to sign a contract to do this. This contract states what services you’re paying for and who can redeem the service when you pass away.

Advantages of Prepaid Cremation

There are many pros and cons to this type of cremation. However, the main benefit is that you’ll have more control and could possibly save some money.

More Control

Because you’re making all the decisions for your funeral, you can plan every small thing instead of leaving it in someone else’s hands.

You can plan the music, flowers, venue, and any other aspect that you don’t want to leave to someone else.

Your family might be relieved that they won’t have to guess about what you might want or argue about what type of service to do. When you pass, they can focus on grieving rather than planning your funeral.

Save Money

In some cases, prepaying can actually help you save money as well. You’ll be able to avoid some of the inflation that will eventually hit cremation services as well.

If you pay for cremation fifteen years in advance, you’ll likely save more money than when you paid for it fifteen years later. You can also have the option to pay in installments rather than just a lump sum.

This cost might be greater in the long run, but it relieves the burden of having to pay a lot of money upfront.

However, make sure that you be aware of people who might be trying to overcharge you. Shop around before you find someone and make sure that they’re giving you a better deal. Some crematories will upcharge you to offset the cost of future inflation that they’d be missing out on.

Easy to Plan

The cremation services are also much easier to plan than a regular burial. There aren’t as many logistics or arrangements that a family will have to discuss, so it’ll be easier on them as well.

Disadvantages of Prepaid Cremation

With prepaid cremation, you could leave room for some errors. Some of those could include miscommunications and family disagreements.


If you’re going to do a prepaid cremation, communicate that with your family members. Some people find it hard to talk about the idea of prepaid funeral plans with family, but you’ll waste all your money if they aren’t aware of it.

They need to know which cremation provider you chose and then have all the documentation necessary ready to redeem it.

Family Disagreements

Some families may not agree with the idea to cremate, and it can cause tension and arguments. Not everyone will be on board with it, and some people might like the idea of a body at a cemetery.

Cremation also has negative connotations in some religious circles, so you’ll want to prepare your family and tell them that this is what you really want.

Types of Cremation Services

If you’ve decided to get a prepaid cremation service, you may want to look at the types as well. You can still have a regular funeral service and have your ashes in a funeral home or a church.

You can still do a viewing, readings, or a eulogy. However, remember that there might be extra costs associated with this.

If you want the cheapest option, you may want to do a direct cremation. Your remains will be cremated a few days after your death, and there’s normally no viewing or funeral. Instead, the ashes are sent directly to your family.

You can choose a cremation urn, or you can have some of your ashes in a keepsake, like a jewelry piece that your family members can wear.

Choose a Cremation Provider

Next, you’ll have to start choosing a cremation service. If you want to prepay, make sure that you choose one that has a good reputation. You’ll want to read reviews and even ask for referrals from friends or family.

You should also interview several different providers to make sure that you choose one that’s the best fit for you.

When you do choose one, review the contract and make copies so that your family can have it. You’ll have to sign a contract that agrees to a price and services that you want to pay for.

Look for any clauses that talk about refunds, cancellation, or anything else that might make it difficult for your family to redeem the service once you’ve passed.

Discover More About the Pros and Cons of Prepaid Cremation

These are only a few pros and cons of prepaid cremation, but it’s an important thing you’ll want to consider.

We know that planning the end of your life can be stressful, and many people may not want to think about it. But we’re here to help you out.

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