5 Tips for Independent Living

Senior Success: 5 Tips for Independent Living

Are your parents or other loved ones aging and in need of more consistent help on a day-to-day basis? Then, it might be time to consider some of the options available. And while many people opt for care homes, increasing numbers of seniors are choosing independent living.

This can be a fantastic option if your loved ones need only a bit of help but wants to maintain a more autonomous lifestyle. Curious to learn more? Read our top five tips to help your elderly loved ones stay independent and alert while being supported.

1. Consider Location and Budget

First of all, you are going to want to help your loved ones select an independent living community that is not too far from their family and friends. This will enable all of you to keep seeing each other as often as you like, as well as make sure that some extra support is in place. 

In parallel, you will also need to make sure that the chosen accommodation is affordable. The last thing you (or your loved ones) need right now is to worry about the financial side of things.

2. Be Strategic About What to Bring

If your loved one was used to living in a fairly sizeable house, you might need to help them be strategic while packing for their move. More often than not, senior living communities do not offer a huge amount of space. This means that your loved one will only be able to select a few of their favorite items to bring with them.

3. Find Out More About the Pet Policies in Place

Does your loved one have a pet that they would love to keep living with? Before you help them choose the right senior living accommodation, you will want to check whether they accept pets. Some places currently don’t, whereas others are more flexible and will allow small and well-trained pets.

4. Engage With Other Residents

Once your loved one has chosen their favorite accommodation, you might want to spur them to interact with other residents. This is very important, as it can help them to feel like they are part of a thriving and welcoming community. This, in turn, reduces feelings of loneliness and sadness.

5. Help Them Embrace Technology

Another crucial aspect to support your senior loved one who has just moved to an independent living community is to help them get familiar with technology. Make sure they have a good cell phone, internet connection, and computer, and show them how to use them. You can also purchase a monitoring system for elderly in the home, which will enable you to keep a close eye on their day-to-day health and activities.

Want Your Senior Loved Ones to Thrive? Choose Independent Living

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Aging in place and independent living are more and more popular amongst the senior community in the United States. This is because they offer your elderly loved ones the possibility to receive all the support that they need while remaining active and autonomous.

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