How to Wear a Watch With Style

Men’s Fashion: How to Wear a Watch With Style

In an age where everyone has a smartphone in their pocket or a PC screen in their face, it’s easy to know what the time is without pausing work or play.

When you’re away from your computer and can’t use your phone, you can go old-school and slap a watch on your wrist. For the most part, though, wearing a watch these days is more about style than telling the time.

You can rock a timepiece no matter your gender, but watches have been a central feature of men’s fashion for centuries. Make a style statement using these tips.

Know Which Occasions Call for Each Watch

As with all men’s fashion trends, wearing watches comes with a lot of little rules. Picking the right watch for the occasion is as important as whether your clothes are too fancy or too casual.

If you want to look snappy, reach for a minimalistic dress watch. These high-class timepieces use premium metals, quality leathers, and don’t detract from nice suits at black-tie events. They’re also a good choice for interviews and other work occasions in which looks matter.

Browse Men’s Fashion Hubs for Ideas

Building a true sense of style takes imagination, but you need basic knowledge before you can add your touch. Reading information like what you’re studying right now is a great help. Seeing men’s fashion tips in action cements your know-how.

Current men’s fashion and lifestyle magazines with “steal his look” articles show you models and celebrities in all the trendiest clothes. They break the outfits down piece by piece, including watches. This helps spark and guide your imagination.

Hitting the mall not to shop, but to look, is another rich source of ideas. You’ll see fashionable guys walking and shopping. You can also look at the model photos and mannequins advertising current looks in clothes stores.

Match Watches With Your Outfits

As you explore men’s fashion accessories, the clothes you already own are the most important thing to keep in mind. If you want a watch that doesn’t go with anything you have in your closet, get ready to buy some new clothes.

Wearing a watch that doesn’t match your clothes is a surefire way to look like a fool. It’s not just about being underdressed. Some argue that dress watches look silly with casual clothes, too.

If you’re unsure of crossing the line on one of these rules, consider a watch that mixes two or more watch styles. For example, this watch range from Seiko combines class with sports watch functionality. A snazzy sports watch works in many formal situations and never looks odd with a polo and a pair of shorts.

Wow Others With Your Lifestyle

Now that you know these tips about wearing watches with style, you’ll have a new trick up your sleeve to impress people with your men’s fashion tips.

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