Is Arkansas a Good Place for Going Solar?

If you’re trying to get the most out of your home energy needs, you have to get honest about your infrastructure. It’s best to upgrade your electrical system once it’s old and outdated. What you’ll need is an upgrade that modernizes your home and delivers the most reliable power.

Solar energy is what you’re looking for.

You have to consider your state of residence, and whether solar is a good investment where you live.

Arkansas gets approximately 217 sunny days per year, on average. This is 12 days more than the national average.

So, is solar in Arkansas a good decision? We’re happy to explain. Keep reading to learn more about this eco-friendly upgrade.

Should I Consider Solar in Arkansas?

Solar is a great idea for anyone willing to make the investment. It’s a clean form of energy that is non-polluting and inexpensive, unlike traditional fossil fuel energy.

The same applies to Arkansas residents. Here are some reasons that you may look into getting solar installation in Arkansas:

Federal Solar Incentives

Tax rebates are a big reason that people decide to switch to solar energy. While Arkansas doesn’t currently offer additional statewide tax breaks. However, you are eligible for federal solar incentives.

You can take advantage of tax credits between 22% and 30% depending on the year your systems were installed. You’ll be able to take advantage of this break when you handle your filing in April, or even at the time of purchase if your installer processes it that way.

Knowing that you’re immediately getting some dollars shaved off the purchase is enough of an incentive for most homeowners.

Solar Companies in Arkansas

You’ll also appreciate that there are plenty of solar energy companies in Arkansas that you can do business with. It’s a growing industry that is creating new jobs in Little Rock and other areas throughout the state.

Do your research into any solar installers and ask how long they’ve been in the business. Turn to organizations like Arkansas Renewable Energy Association (AREA) to learn more about the technology, and for leads on the licensed installers in the state.

Cost of Solar Panels in Arkansas

You have to consider cost matters when shopping for solar panels. Prices for solar installations have dropped 50% in the past decade, so don’t think you have to break the bank.

Reach out to solar installers in your area. They’ll take measurements at your house and let you shop their various types of panels. From there, these pros will give you a quote on the work.

Solar panels generally cost about $16,000 and up. Figure out if you’d like to pay the costs upfront, or by making monthly payments.

Make Your Next Big Energy Upgrade

The tips in this article will help you when you’re looking into getting solar energy installed in your home. If you’re interested in making the switch to solar, do your due diligence and set consultations with some professionals in your city.

Rely on us to stay up-to-date on topics related to sustainability and energy efficiency.