How Hormone Levels can Cause Fatigue and Low Energy?

How Hormone Levels can Cause Fatigue and Low Energy?

Fatigue and tiredness in adults can be caused by a number of different reasons and circumstances. A recent study of US workers found that up to 38% of them experienced fatigue regularly. 

Many people try to solve their fatigue through diet and exercise; but, this often doesn’t have the desired effect on their energy levels. The cause of extreme fatigue can often be traced to issues with your hormone levels. 

In this article, we will explain how hormone levels can have a real knock-on effect and cause you to feel exhausted unnecessarily. Read on to find out more. 

What are the Purposes of Hormones in Your Body?

Many people assume that hormones are just a word associated with being a teenager and going through puberty. However, hormones are responsible for regulating and influencing a lot of your bodily functions.

For example, hormones play a part in tissue repair, as well as your metabolism and strength and growth in your organs. Hormone levels are controlled by the endocrine system, where glands such as your pituitary, thyroid and parathyroid excrete chemicals to help with things such as helping you sleep, temperature control and heart rate.

Hormone Levels and Energy

When your energy levels are affected and you are feeling tired and sluggish, it’s possible that you could be suffering from an underactive thyroid. With the hormone not as prevalent in your body, this causes your metabolism to slow down.

A person may experience memory problems, depression, and nausea, which prevents them from focusing on regular day-to-day tasks. And this isn’t necessarily something that can be alleviated by eating better and exercising more regularly.

Just putting nutrients into your body, such as leafy greens, vegetables, and omega-3s, doesn’t mean that this can rectify your hormone deficiency. Neither will take up regular running or aerobic classes—in fact, this could have a negative effect in some cases as you are further depleting your body of energy stores.

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How to Measure Your Hormone Levels?

A chemical imbalance in your body will have a debilitating effect on your moods and ability to do things. If you suspect that hormones might be the reason why you’re feeling so exhausted, you will need to get a comprehensive blood test to check.

You can consult your doctor or even a company that specializes in hormone tests. Once you have the data and have confirmed your hormone imbalance, you will need to make some small changes to your lifestyle.

Boosting your vitamin D intake is one of them. As well as stimulating the production of testosterone in your body. If you would like to find out more about this, go to to check out their range of products. 

Cause of Fatigue and Low Energy: What Next?

We hope that this article on how to recognize your low hormone levels and what to do about it has been helpful in your journey to better health.

Having a body that isn’t functioning at its best can be a frustrating time for anyone. It’s important that you focus on your energy levels and seek help when you need it.

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