The FI-8170 Printer A True Next Generation Scanner

The FI-8170 Printer: A True Next-Generation Scanner

Document imaging is more critical than ever in today’s office environment. As workplaces handle both paper documents and digital data, scanners must deliver accurate, efficient, and cost-effective performance. Ricoh’s fi series machines offer a wide range of solutions. The Ricoh fi-8170 brings together innovative technologies and an advanced design, providing high-quality document imaging for offices of any size.

Demanding Workflows

Engineered for demanding workflows, the fi-8170’s speed and durability make it an excellent choice for high-volume offices. With its heavy-duty construction, it offers an expected daily volume of 10,000 sheets. The fi-8170 supports both single- and double-sided scanning, with speeds of up to 70 pages per minute. 

Mixed Document Batches

With the fi-8170’s mixed document batch support, you don’t need to babysit your scan jobs. It boasts an automatic document feeder with a 100-sheet capacity, allowing you to load several documents at once. Ricoh’s Automatic Separation Control feature optimizes the machine’s incoming paper feed to match the number of sheets you load. Using fine sensors, it detects document weights and adjusts to ensure each scan job ends at the correct point.

Multiple Paper Sizes

Supporting multiple paper sizes, the fi-8170 can handle small photos, legal-size documents, and everything in between. Document sizes start at 1.9 by 2.0 inches and extend up to long page scans of 240 inches. Adjustable paper guides keep your items aligned for optimal capturing. The fi-8170 also handles thicker items: booklets up to 7 millimetres and plastic cards up to 1.4 millimetres. Scanning ID cards, pamphlets, and booklets has never been easier.

Image Monitoring

Cutting-edge image monitoring technologies help prevent paper jams and misfeeds. Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection, nicknamed ISOP, uses ultrasonic sensors to listen to incoming document feeds. If the scanner detects irregular sounds, it stops the job in progress to avoid jamming. Image Monitoring uses visual sensors to check for skewed and overlapped pages.

Exceptional Image Clarity 

Clear Image Capture sets the gold standard for scanning accuracy. Using almost 5,000 colour levels, CIC digitizes images and removes common issues such as colour shifting and line distortion. Your resulting scans are crispier, clearer, and truer. CIC also helps improve Optical Character Recognition accuracy, minimizing the need for manual corrections and rescans. With its LED light sources, CIC also uses less energy than older colour imaging technologies. 

Error Correction Features

The fi-8170 includes several other technologies to ensure the most accurate image capturing. Blank Page Detection removes blank sheets from scanned documents. Others include Hole Punch Removal, Vertical Streak Reduction, Index Tab Cropping, Background Pattern Removal, and Deskewing. So whether you’re viewing documents on your device or showing them to your team on a Ricoh business projector, you enjoy the best possible clarity and quality.

Powerful Productivity Tools

High-volume capacity, accurate imaging, and robust features make the Ricoh fi-8170 an excellent choice for today’s busy office. Ricoh’s extensive product lineup also includes portable wireless monitors, mobile portable scanners, and classroom projector models. With so many options, it’s easier than ever to help your workforce achieve productivity.