Dodge Ram Steering

Under the Hood of Steering Linkage: A Detailed Look at Dodge Ram Steering Components

A lot is going on under the hood of your Dodge RAM truck. From the engine to the steering system, physics and engineering come together to turn power into motion. As one of the final subsystems before the wheel hub assemblies, steering linkages convey your steering wheel’s movements to your tires and wheels. Learning about your Dodge RAM steering linkage system can help you understand how to care for it and what types of parts to buy. 

Steering Linkage Components of Dodge RAMs 

Most steering systems incorporate similar designs. The steering column, gearbox, and Pitman’s arm connect to the center link. The Pitman arm links the gearbox to the rest of the system, helping transfer rotational motion from the gearbox into lateral motion that turns the wheels. From there, several other components connect to form the steering linkage system.

The center link is the primary point of connection between the steering column/gearbox assemblies and the rest of the linkage system. Its design also ensures that both wheels move in the same direction when you turn the steering wheel. 

Tie Rods

Tie rods consist of inner and outer tie rod ends. The inner ends connect to the steering rack, while the outer ends link to adjusting sleeves and steering knuckles.

Adjusting Sleeves

Adjusting sleeves control the lengths of your steering system’s tie rods. This ensures proper alignment of the tie rods. Turning the adjustment sleeves can help correct alignment problems and compensate for wear and tear. 

Steering Knuckles

Steering knuckles contain wheel hubs, attaching to both steering components and suspension parts such as wheel bearings, ball joints, and control arms. They each pivot on upper and lower pivot points when you turn the steering wheel, changing your vehicle’s direction.

Upgrades and Performance Enhancements

Whether you need to replace a malfunctioning component or want to upgrade your entire steering linkage, you have many options for accomplishing your goals. If you have multiple steering problems in your Dodge RAM, for instance, you may benefit from getting the entire linkage assembly at once. 

The MOOG DS800981A Steering Linkage Assembly contains all the needed parts: the drag link, adjusting sleeves, and tie rod ends. This product comes pre-assembled and ready to install, saving you time and effort. After installing the assembly and adjusting its alignment, all you need to do is take a test drive to confirm everything works as expected.   

Other key features of the DS800981A include greaseable sockets, which cut down on corrosion by letting new lubricant flush out contaminants, and gusher bearings that allow the flow-through of grease to reduce friction and extend components’ lifespan. The DS800981A is compatible with several RAM models, including 2009 to 2013 RAM 2500 and 3500 trucks. 

Where To Buy Your Steering Linkage Parts

When buying steering linkage parts, a SmittyBilt 87450 tow bar, or anything else for your vehicle, you want high-quality components, competitive prices, and great service. Selecting an online replacement and performance aftermarket parts retailer is a wise move. You enjoy all these benefits plus an extensive parts selection with fast convenient shipping directly to your home.