How to Choose a Good Business Name?

How to Choose a Good Business Name?

You can’t have a business without a name, and it takes years to build the business from scratch. But choosing a name that is catchy and communicates what your business is about is by no means easy or simple. 

Many businesses have failed to launch because they didn’t have a name that could resonate with the audience. So, for the success of any business choosing a name becomes very important. The name will differentiate your business from the competitors in the market. Customers associate the name with a brand that they can trust and value. 

So, you must think and generate business name ideas before settling for one. Today we will look at how to choose a name for your business. 

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What are the Requirements to choose a Business Name?

As we’ve explained above, the main purpose of the name should be to communicate with what services you are offering while being easy to remember and unique. 

Here are a few things you can keep in mind while choosing the right name for your business. 

1. Descriptive

Well, you have to be descriptive with the name but not too vague or general. General names are boring and easy to forget. And most importantly, they don’t stand out from the competition. For example, Crunchbase, it is descriptive enough, but not too boring in nature. So, always remember to keep the name descriptive but not too general or vague. 

2. Use Keywords in a Unique Manner

You just can’t stuff keywords in the name of your business; you need to use keywords creatively. Using simple keywords doesn’t work anymore, and people won’t remember what you are trying to accomplish here. You could use the Business name generator to generate a unique name using multiple keywords. 

Try to use the keywords in a way that looks nice and expresses what your business is about. To make it catchy, you can try to use the alternate versions of the keywords you want in your business name. 

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3. Choose a simple name

Don’t choose a name that is too long or complicated for the users to remember. Well, you must keep in mind that a business name must be simple, familiar, and conjure emotions in the audience. Don’t overdo it and try to be simple that everyone can understand. 

4. Don’t copy from competitors

Well, you must always avoid choosing a name that is a competitor in your space. Yes, don’t pick a similar name that is already a big brand in the space you are going to. It can be looked at as an unoriginal name, and people might not like it. Sometimes it can also create confusion and make it difficult for you to get business again. 

5. Don’t use your Name

Well, don’t try to use your own name unless you are already established as a brand. Because your name wouldn’t communicate anything to your customers and won’t know what the business is about. It can cause a problem in the future if you want to expand in the future. 

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6. Branding

Well, the name you will choose will represent your business for the rest of your life. So, branding is something you must consider when choosing a business name. Whatever you do will reflect on the business name you have chosen. You can change the logo, slogan, or anything later in life but changing a business name is not something you’d want to go for. So, choose a name that represents your brand and present what it is about. You can use the business name generator tool available in the market to get the company name suggestions. While these suggestions might not be what you want, they can certainly influence your decision. So, do check out these types of tools and give your business a unique and easy-to-remember name.