Can TradingView Chart Integration Boost Your Trading

Can Trading Directly from TradingView Charts Enhance Your Trading Experience? Discover 5 Key Benefits for Traders

TradingView Charts can help you trade in the stock market with higher accuracy and efficiency. This charting platform has more than 15 charts and you can create your own spreads by using the pre-built formula as well as 100 readily available indicators. 

You can directly trade on your broker’s platform which provides the integration with TradingView Charts. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of online trading in the share market directly with TradingView Charts. 

5 Benefits of Directly Trading with TradingView Charts 

Here is the list of benefits of using TradingView charts: 

1. Real-Time Information

With the help of TradingView charts, you can place the order at the right time because the information and market data are available on a real-time basis. You can select stocks for your feed which will help you in getting the latest price data and indicators. 

You can analyze the market data and predict the price pattern of an instrument using various charts like candlestick charts, line charts, or bar charts with the help of on-time information in hand.  

2. Customizing the Chart

You can customize the TradingView charts and can analyze any selected instrument. You can customize the time frame of the chart based on seconds, days, weeks, or months. Anyone can also compare one stock’s chart with another stock’s chart which helps you in choosing the best available option.

3. Placing Orders with Higher Accuracy

You can place the order directly from the TradingView charts where you can buy and sell the asset with a single click. After taking a buy position, you can set the stop loss by adding a straight line to the price level at which the asset should automatically be sold. 

You can use the auto chart patterns feature to automatically find the repetitive price patterns of stock and leverage the same to increase the efficiency of your trades. 

4. Leverage Technical Tools

You can efficiently trade in stocks with the available fundamental data and technical analysis. You just need to select the indicator and it will appear on the chart along with the values which will help you in efficiently placing an order. 

Additionally, you can also use any indicator from the list of 100 indicators such as moving averages, RSI (Relative Strength Index), MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence), oscillators, etc., and make an informed decision. 

5. Get Alerts and Save Time 

You can set up alerts on any instrument and get notifications on your device. The TradingView alerts feature will provide you the immediate alerts when the market meets your set criteria on the specific price levels or any specific volume change. 

This helps you save time from manually tracking stock or the overall market and helps you elevate your trading. 

You can get your hands on all these features by opening an account with a broker such as Dhan who has TradingView integration. With Dhan, you can use TradingView Charts without any additional cost. 


TradingView Charts is an interactive trading platform that can provide you with several benefits where you can get the latest data and customize the chart as per your choice. You can place the order directly from these charts and save time with the up-to-date market alerts. 

If you want to access TradingView Charts, you can visit Dhan. Dhan is the only stockbroker in India that has TradingView Charts integration and provides direct access.