Why a Stand-up Comedy Show Is the Perfect First Date Activity

If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “the couple that laughs together stays together,” there’s research to back that up.

According to one study, shared laughter has a way of bringing people together and strengthening a bond or relationship. It can communicate that you have a similar worldview and are compatible.

That’s why a comedy show is one of the best fun first date ideas! If you have never considered this as a first date idea, there are plenty of good reasons why you should.

Unlike seeing a movie, a comedy show is the kind of show that makes people more comfortable and you are both consistently entertained. If you can find a comedian you both would love to see perform, even better.

Read on to find out why a comedy show should be your next first date idea.

Laughter Eases Tension

First date jitters are very real! We have all been there; you’re excited about your date, then when you meet up you’re so nervous that you forget how to have a conversation or overthink everything you’re going to say.

That’s why comedy clubs for first dates are such a great idea. When two people get together to laugh and bond over a shared event, it creates memories that will last, even if there is no second date.

When you can break the ice by laughing together, it will be easier to feel comfortable so you can open up to each other more.

Most people have to work to get their date to laugh and ease up. This way, a comedian does it for you and you can both relax!

Not only will it ease the tension of your date, but it will also help you both relax in general. Smiling and laughing are natural aphrodisiacs, and having those good feelings brewing between you two will no doubt help to create sparks throughout the night.

Have Something to Talk About All Night

Have you ever been on a date and felt the pain of a long, awkward silence? It’s the worst feeling and usually sends both people into panic mode to come up with a topic to talk about.

When you’re on a first date, you want to put your best foot forward and make a good first impression. It’s hard to feel like yourself or make a great impression when you’re stalled to make conversation.

Comedians tend to go all over the place when it comes to the topics of their jokes. They will most likely make jokes that you’ll want to talk about for days to come and may even open up chances for you two to have your own inside jokes.

Commenting on a comedy show after it’s over is much like talking about a movie once you leave the theater.

You can talk about whether or not you enjoyed it, which jokes made you laugh the most, and other jokes you like by the same comedian if you’re familiar with them.

It can even be a great transition into getting together again to watch the same comedian. If they have material or shows on streaming sites or Youtube, you can meet again for a second, more intimate date at either of your houses for a more private viewing.

A comedy show is bound to give you material to talk about all night, whether or not you’re compatible.

A Comedy Show Can Test Compatibility

Comedy is the gateway to many other topics. It’s also a great way to test out how compatible you are with your date!

Stand-up comedians love to bring current events and politics into their acts. They are never shy about making bold, clear statements about their opinion on a topic. They make jokes poking fun at famous or controversial figures without holding back.

When they bring up recent news or controversial topics, it’s a great way of finding out where your date stands on these topics.

Does your date have a light sense of humor even when they don’t agree with an opinion or joke? If you see your date sitting beside you, frowning at certain jokes, it will be a clear indicator of how they handle differing opinions and humor.

Having a similar sense of humor is crucial in a relationship. Laughing together, making each other laugh, and finding comedy in difficult situations will no doubt make living life together in the long run easier.

Couples who have a similar sense of humor will no doubt be on the same page about a lot of other important topics.

If having a similar sense of humor is important to you, taking your date to see a comedian you love is a great test.

Even if they don’t like that particular comedian, watching how they handle themselves in the situation is a good indicator of whether or not they are a good sport.

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Stay Up to Date With Comedy and More

Now you know why a comedy show makes such an excellent first date idea.

It eases tension, gives you something to talk about, and shows that you’re someone who knows how to have a good time. People love innovative and creative first dates, it shows that you’re truly interested and want your date to have fun!

Stay up to date on comedy show tickets and other fun events for that second or third date. Check out our entertainment page for all the latest on comedy, movies, and everything in between.

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