Which Of The Following Is Not Part Of The Nims Management Characteristic Of Chain Of Command

Everything You Need To Know About Nims Management Characteristics Of Chain Of Command

NIMS is comprised of Command, management, and preparedness along with resources management. NIMS considers Communications and information management as paramount components for its foundation. At NIMS, roles provided are a consistent nationwide framework. 

This approach lets the government at every level, i.e., Federal, state, tribal and local, and private sectors and non-governmental organizations, work in harmony together. If you wonder what goes into the extensive training imparted by NIMS, then keep reading this space.

What Goes Into The Training Of Nims?

The national management system program provides one-of-a-kind training. This training program facilitates the qualification of emergency management, which resonates with NIMS principles. It helps in rationalizing and mitigating risk by better preparedness.

NIMS also has a structure for management. Whether a large-scale or multi-jurisdictional incident, NIMS has it all covered. NIMS is phased at federal, state, and local levels. Any law seeking federal homeland security grant money will have to show NIMS compliance.

What About Nims Characteristics?

There are many pointers under NIMS management characteristics. If you wonder, which of the following is not part of the NIMS management characteristic of a chain of Command? Here is where you can find it. 

NIMS management characteristics comprise of:

  • Integrated communications
  • Modular organization
  • Comprehensive resource management
  • Common terminology
  • Management objectives
  • Incident action planning
  • Manageable span control

The NIMS management characteristic of a chain of Command and Unity of Command helps eliminate confusion. These characteristics dismiss the confusion caused by multiple, conflicting directives. To understand it better, one can consider this example, in an organization of incident management, there is an order for the Command and is organized by hierarchy.

NIMS management characteristics follow the established process for gathering, analyzing, assessing, and sharing data. Information and intelligence management follow the same established process.

What Part Of Nims Management Characteristics Is Not A Chain Of Commands?

The restriction levied from sharing information is not part of a chain of Command’s NIMS management characteristics. NIMS management characteristics of a chain of commands and unity of command states each person reports to only one ICS supervisor.  

When it comes to transferring command briefing, special requests from agency representatives are not included. In its core characteries, NIMS also consists of:

  • Poor on-scene and inter-agency communication
  • Inadequate joint planning
  • Lack of valid and timely intelligence.
  • Inadequate resource management.
  • Narrow prediction capability.

What Are Nims Incident Features And Responsibilities?

The five functions of NIMS are commanded, set incident objectives and priorities, and have overall responsibility at the incident or event. The operations conducted are tactical operations to work out plans.

It is determining the tactical assignments and organizational structures and directing the tactical resources. For the incident commander, the person is responsible for all emergency responses. It includes quick development incident objectives, managing all incident operations, application of resources, and responsibility for all persons involved.

Integrated communications allow diverse units to connect. Information is shared, and situational awareness is achieved. This answer has been confirmed and is correct and helpful.