When to use the Drop option in Rummy?

Rummy is a game of interest and strategy when played online or offline. Whether played among friends and families with a deck of cards or virtually played, the game is here to rule the entertainment industry. It is a game of skills with an added quotient of luck. Many rummy guides let you learn the tricks and strategies for becoming a Master. So, start playing rummy online for real money!

What is Rummy?

Rummy, the best-known card game in the world, is won by declaring a correct set of 13 cards. The cards have to be a set of 3 or 4 cards that are sequential or similar. In addition, they must have consecutive denominations of the same suit or similar denominations of different suits. A player can choose a discarded card of the previous player and choose from the stockpile to match his cards. However, he must replace the card with one of his cards on choosing either one.  Then, players play the cards, and the first person to declare the correct pairs wins the game.

Drop option in Rummy:

While a player tends to play rummy online game, he may come across the ‘Drop’ option. People often think that this option is for losers or quitters. In most cases of beginners, the urge to play more will stop them from using this option. However, the option is a wise call when cards are not in your favor. Sometimes, you might have a bad day or maybe a bad game. Use this option to minimize your losses rather than pay more by playing with surreal cards.

When you feel that the melding of cards into sequential or similar pairs may just not be possible, learn to use the drop option. Make it a point to choose to minimize your losses over losing the game entirely. This would be a wise call to save your money. However, you may incur a penalty for using the drop option in rummy.

Types of ‘Drop’ in Rummy:

●       First Drop:

You look at your set of 13 cards and feel that it would be hard to make a winner out of it. Immediately drop the cards without making the first move. This will only charge 20 points as a penalty.

●       Middle Drop:

You play a turn or more with your cards and still feel it would be hard to meddle a pair out of the pack. It is never too late to use the drop option before another player declares his winning set. You will be charged 40 points as a penalty for the middle drop.

●       Missing Three Consecutive Turns:

When playing rummy games online, you must play all your turns wisely. If a player misses three consecutive turns in a row, they will automatically be dropped out from the game. The charge for this action would be 40 points.

Cues to use the Drop option:

Even though penalty charges may apply, you must be aware of the cues in the rummy game to use the drop option strategically.

●       Weak Hand:

Whether played online or offline, the rummy game may bestow you with a weak or a bad hand. A pure sequence is a must to declare your cards, which is an original sequential denomination of the same suit. Without this, any of the pairs you hold will not be counted. If you have a bad hand, just choose the drop option and give yourself a chill pill!

●       Too many high-value unpaired cards:

You must make sure to reduce your total points to as close as zero, even if you don’t win the game. Having high-value cards (including face cards) that are not in a pair already has to be discarded and played strategically. If you feel that you have too many such cards, feel free to use the drop option.

●       Lack of Joker Cards:

Joker cards are game-savers! Apart from the pure-sequence set, teenpatti games, and all other sets can be paired with jokers. If luck does not favor you with joker cards, push the drop option immediately to lessen the loss amount.

●       Playing turns that are not favoring you:

Usually, the game comes into play with each turn you take. First, you discard unwanted cards and choose wanted cards to make your sets. Then use the middle drop option and sit back when you have had a few turns and still find that it is not your day for the game.


Calculating your unmatched card score and understanding fellow players’ moves are key elements in winning a game of Rummy. Choose the situation to your benefit or use the drop option when you play a rummy game online to make yourself a pro in the game. Most rummy strategy guides suggest that you wisely use the drop option when you feel stuck or confused with your cards.