Math Playground

What Is Math Playground? – Know Everything About It

Math Playground is a very popular site where the students can do activities like problem-solving, logic games, and number puzzle games. It is a fun site for both students and their teachers. Because this site helps students to learn maths, logic games, spelling, solve problems in a fun way. This is no doubt an engaging site. However, there are pros, cons, and bottom lines in these Math Playground games. Its advantage is that it offers some games, interactive word problems, and instructional videos provide value. However, its disadvantage is that the volume of activities with such varied quality is overwhelming.

Moreover, the ads are distracting and quite disturbing too. But, the teachers find this site helpful—especially those who invest time in identifying the best of the site. In addition, this site is a free source as well. Therefore, this is a favorite site for both teachers and their students. There are tons of gaming options present here. Math playground Drift Boss, Car Park, Whyville snack shack games, Amusement park addition, Bridge Builder Sums are some of them.

How To Teach With This Tool?

Math Playground has many activities of varying quality and a lot of ds in the free version. Even it is best to direct kids where the teachers want them to go. If the teachers pay the subscription fee, they will be able to assign specific games to the class. Moreover, those chosen activities are easy to find when a classroom device is logged in to that account. Besides, the teachers also can share directly with their Google Classroom.

In addition, the teachers might also use the worksheet generator. In this way, they can print practice sheets or even assign online drills. Even the site helps in bringing some friendly competition among the students. The site has an entire section of multiplayer games. Here the tutorhunt can create a private competition session as well. In this session, the students can compete with one another. Therefore, these activities are motivating for most of the students. Based on their preference and level of comfort, the teachers can assign specific games to specific groups of students.

Moreover, the Thinking Blocks collection engages tape diagrams for simple arithmetic, ratio, and fraction problems. For whole group instruction, teachers can use the Modelling Tool. Also, teachers can even save up to eight questions.


Colleen King was born in Brooklyn, New York. There she spent her first five years of childhood. As soon as her younger siblings arrived, they moved to Long Island. She had a very large family there. She loved to spend her summer vacations and holidays with her cousins, aunts, and uncles. Eventually, Colleen became a strong swimmer and learned how to swim as she grew up near the ocean.

Apart from this, she had a keen interest in music as well. Secretly she longed to be a drummer. Instead, she learned to play gutter all by herself. Besides, she used to be a good student in school. Especially, she was passionate about math classes. Even she enjoyed computing numbers in her head.

Moreover, she was very good at estimating the number of jelly beans, pennies, or gumdrops in a jar. Even colleen could make an accurate estimation of the number of jellybeans in a pot at a young age. In addition, along the way of her research, Math was essential for her higher Study. 

The Idea Born:

Colleen met her future husband during her higher Study. Her husband Tom was a high school teacher. His classroom stories greatly inspired Colleen to change her career even. Eventually, together they founded a math and science school in 1997. Colleen made up her mind and took a mission to create engaging math lessons for her students. Moreover, her students made impressive progress. She saw the improvement Colleen now planned to develop a similar learning environment online. 

Therefore, as per plan, in 2002, colleen finally launched Math Playground. She even invited students to play with numbers. The very first game was a role-playing adventure. It was about a bot named Astro. His rocket would take him into space. Since then, Colleen went on to create dozens of math games to teach the children. The teaching was regarding place value, number operations, fractions, geometry, and algebra. Her developed games provided a deep learning experience to students. Here children could be X Detectives, Penguin Pals, or Candy Cashiers.

The Growth Phase Of Math Playground:

Math Playground gradually flourished and became popular among the students. They even celebrated their 16th anniversary for their online game site Math Playground in 2018. However, colleen never stopped to think more, to improve the site idea more. At present, Colleen works full-time at Math Playground. She even continues to design original math games for children.

Moreover, in her free time, she volunteers at a local food pantry. Sometimes she also plays drums in a rock band during her spare time. In addition, she supports several humanitarian causes. 

Review of users:

Users of the site are both the teachers and students. As per both categories, the game site is indeed really exciting and challenging. With the provision of lots of game choices, all of them love this site. Even the students in grades K-6 can choose their favorite game and can practice their math skills. Some of the users also commented it is more like a play than math. Though there will be the interruption of ads, the students don’t mind. Even while playing, students help each other. As a whole, it is proven a great activity that brings on both students and teachers under one umbrella. Moreover, students will learn how to compete healthily and cooperate through these game activities.


1. What Is The Best Math Playground Game?

There are plenty of game options on this site. However, among them, many popular games are there. Some of them are Letter quest, Spellerz, The Semicolon Wars, Sound garden, Sight Words Audible are a few among others. But still, Letter Quest is the best math playground game

2. How Do You Practice Spelling In The Math Playground?

This multiplayer game also provides an opportunity for users to practice their spelling skills. “Spelling Bees” basically supports this opportunity. It supports common core standard L.3.2. 

3. Who Made The Math Playground?

Educational entrepreneur and mathematics teacher Colleen King made the math playground. Her specialization is in math curriculum development, educational game design, and math instruction.

4. Do You Have To Pay For The Math Playground?

There are both options. If you don’t want to pay then also you can enjoy some of the games. However, if you subscribe to this site, then you can get access to more fun. Moreover, you will get a full-screen version of games. Also, you will be able to save your favorites and classroom management features. Paying for a math playground makes the site ad-free. Therefore, the subscriber can enjoy interruption-free service.