Benefits of Staying at a Disney World Resort

What Are the Benefits of Staying at a Disney World Resort?

Planning that family vacation that everyone will enjoy? It’s no secret that Walt Disney World is the best family vacation. It’s a moment to step into the magic that was created by a single idea of a wonderful man.

As your make your plans you have several big decisions to make. No, we don’t mean what ears are the best choice for your family. We mean what hotel is best for your whole family to stay at.

Let’s take a look at why a Disney World resort is the best option for a family vacation. It’s time to discuss why a Disney resort is a vacation essentials item you should be considering. Let’s get on with talking about the magic!

Additional Magic Hours

One of the biggest perks, when you decide to stay on Disney Property, is the option for special magic hours. Many of the hotels are open later or even earlier for those who stay within the park. These options are to give Disney guests a little more magic.

Those extra magic hours are only available for guests of the resorts. These can be discussed beforehand to see which hotel would be the best option for these.

If you have the money, the option to stay in the Disney Vacation Club is also a great value. Disney vacation club resales are great options too!

Transportation Included to Guests

Ever gone to Disney and noticed a large group of people getting off of Disney-themed buses? Disney offers their own transportation that can be picked up at their hotels and parks. This brings Disney guests right to their place of slumber without even having to get in their car.

Disney buses are free to those staying in the resorts. It also cuts back on those long hours spent commuting between parks. Give your family more time to enjoy the magic of the Disney parks.

Types of Hotels for All Types of Families

There are hotel accommodations for anyone who is looking for them. Many of Disney’s hotels are themed with fun for the whole family, but they also possess a classic timeless feeling of different eras.

When choosing your hotel, it is mandatory to figure out what type of vacation you’re looking for. Many of these resorts will give you a home-away-home feeling.

Some of these resorts even allow you to pet the animals right from the windows of your balcony. If you’re going on vacation, a Disney resort may be what you’ve been looking for!

Book Your Disney World Resort

With so many great values to a Disney World resort, why would you even consider staying anywhere else? There are plenty of options for all families within Disney property. It’s all about finding the esthetic that fits your family best.

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