Washington to Reveal New Name Feb. 2; Won't Be RedWolves

Washington to Reveal New Name Feb. 2; Won’t Be RedWolves

With no name for nearly two years, the Washington NFL team promises to announce the franchise’s new name in early February.

The NFL, the most important American Football league, had a lot of uproars a few years ago due to the name RedSkins linked to the Washington team and, therefore, the leaders decided to change the name of the franchise. 

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Washington RedSkins

The team adopted the name “Redskins” while still operating in Boston, back in 1933. The term “redskin” and the old shield were heavily criticized for being seen as a racist nomenclature and representation of Native Americans.

The final straw for the move, sealed in June 2020, was a threat from FedEx to cancel the franchise’s arena naming rights contract.

After that and the harsh criticism received from all the American media, even the baseball press, the club’s officials had no option but to change the club’s name. The problem was that this process turned out to be more difficult than expected.

It is true that there are many teams with the name connected to that animal, just like the Chicago wolves, a team that plays the NHL – the National Hockey League. The thing is, the old RedSkins spent almost 2 whole years without a definitive name, being only called “Washington Football Team”.

Speculation of Names

While the official announcement was not made, not only the fans but also the sports NFL news itself tried to think of possible names for the Washington team.

Among the most acclaimed was certainly RedWolves, or maybe something related to wolves. However, Jason Wright, president of the team, tried to clarify that this name would not be a good option. According to him, there are many franchises already registered with links to the word wolf and could find it difficult to appropriate such a name.

Last Game without a Name

After failing to qualify for the NFL playoffs, the Washington Football Team played its last game of the 2022 season and, consequently, the last game without a definitive name for the team. The game took place on January 9, in which Washington came out with a good 22-7 victory against the Giants.

With that, the Washington Football Team ended a streak of four straight defeats, which took the team out of the Playoffs. Antonio Gibson hit 21 times for 146 yards, ending the year with 1,037 yards. This is his first 1,000-yard season and Washington’s first since Adrian Peterson in 2018.

What to expect from the announcement

Certainly, fans are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the next name in the franchise. Despite not being linked to “Wolves”, as many wanted, the club’s leaders have already stated that they were looking for something that will last another 90 years, or who knows more.

One thing we are sure of is that this new name will have nothing to do with Native Americans. Despite this, we still don’t know exactly where this new name will go.

According to Joe Gibbs, former coach of the team, the most important thing is to make fans connect with the name. Because to him, that’s what an NFL team does, it connects people.

With all this, we can say that not much is known about the future of the Washington Football Team. In the video released it was possible to see some ap sports photos of the helmets and especially the letter W. The definitive name will only be discovered on the 2nd of February.

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