Transforming Bathrooms with Smart Technology: A Fusion of Convenience, Efficiency, and Luxury

Looking to upgrade your bathroom? Whether it’s a full-scale renovation or you just want to add a few intricate details, we believe smart tech belongs in every bathroom and should be implemented when you update yours. 

Our bathrooms are some of the most sacred places in the home. They’re a space for relaxing, cleaning and getting ready, and it’s estimated that the average adult will spend over 400 days of their life in a bathroom. This makes renovating it into a space you love a must. 

Full bathroom renovations can be expensive, however, with the average cost coming in at around £5,000. If you can’t quite afford to pay for this, why not add smart features for a cost-effective way to upgrade your bathroom? 

To help you pick the right smart features to enhance the convenience, efficiency and luxury of your bathroom space, continue reading our guide below. We’ll take a closer look at some of the best ones that everyone needs in their bathroom.

Voice-Activated Features

Voice activation is extremely useful in bathrooms. This is a space where water is used frequently, which makes operating electrical components more dangerous. Voice activation removes that risk altogether, so you can dim the lights while you’re in the bath or turn up your speaker’s volume 

You can also use voice activation on more traditional components too. This includes flushing your toilet, increasing your shower pressure or turning your taps off. This touchless feature means germs are less likely to be spread as an extra incentive too.

Upgrade The Current Features 

Shower technology has advanced a lot in recent years too and gone are the days of traditional systems. Electric power showers now give you more control of the pressure and heat, and new heads can be used to take your relaxation to a whole new level. 

Rainfall showerheads are an example of this as they emulate a natural downpour, which offers a feeling like no other.

Waterproof Speakers

Who doesn’t like singing in the shower? Install waterproof speakers in your bathroom to add fun to your morning routine. Play your favourite songs via a Bluetooth connection and have peace of mind that the speakers won’t be damaged by shower steam. 

Those wanting to create a party experience in the shower could even sync the music up with the lights. This will make it feel like you’re at a live show of your favourite artists. 

As you can see, a full-scale renovation isn’t needed when you’re upgrading a bathroom. Instead, pick the right technology and transform your space into one of luxury, wellness and good times. Our list is just a handful of the potential smart features you can incorporate, so continue researching to find the best combinations for your space.