Top Ways To Select The Ideal Lipstick Shade For The Dusky Complexion

Lipsticks play a vital role in your makeup kit. It polishes the makeup and adds charm to the entire look. The lipstick is something that decides either to enhance your look or worsen the entire makeup. Selecting the wrong lipstick shade can spoil your look. This is why it often gets challenging to find the right shade for your skin tone; it gets more challenging when you have a bit of a dark-skinned or dusky skin complexion. Well, fret not; to help you out, we got a brief guide on considering the right shades that suit the dusky skin complexions like nudes or bold hues, and you need to have them in your beauty kit!

With a plethora of options in lipsticks, women usually get confused when it comes to selecting the perfect shade. When you ponder choosing the ideal shade of lipstick, one shall not consider pairing just with the outfit and occasion but the skin tone. 

The Light shade of Red Lipsticks 

One of the best shades of lipstick that works for all skin complexions is Red, either in light, medium or dark. One colour should always be in the kit as it can match several occasions, be paired with various outfits, and even suit all skin complexions. A light red lip can enhance your look in a flash, and the best thing is that red is a colour that works with everything, be it any look. Red is a pretty dramatic shade, and it flawlessly works on the features of women with dusky skin complexion. 

Now when you initiate a hunt for a red lipstick online or offline, you will find a lot of discrepancies. Which one to select? If you are pondering here, you can pick a light red or bold red shade of the Huda beauty lipstick. Huda, the leading beauty brand, knows your expectations and thus, it brings you a range of berry red or light red lipsticks specially catered to dusky skin tones. 

Nude Lipsticks can meet your expectations too! 

Nude Lipsticks have been a trend, and there are reasons behind it. If you are dark-skinned and you are wondering that nude lipsticks aren’t for your skin complexion – let me tell you – You are wrong! The range of nude shades of Huda Beauty Lipsticks is there to match various skin tones, even the dusky. What best you can do is select the nude lipstick that works well for the dark complexion. The beauticians say Brown and pink nudes work perfectly for dark skin tones. 


Most dark-skinned women avoid marron, thinking it won’t match their complexion. A light brown or a warm maroon shade always performs great on a dark skin tone. Usually, the shades similar to your natural skin tone give a pretty stunning look. Your brown lipstick’s hints of violet and rosy can work efficiently for your skin tone. The shade of coffee, nude browns, and plum-brown are some of the best-selling shades. 

Shades like these are much darker, and most dark-skinned beauties feel it’s too much. You can always smear it a little while applying the balm to create stability. If you think the shade is a bit darker, you can blend it with some pink to balance the shade. 

Pink is NOT just for fair skin! 

Pinks aren’t just for those with fair skin. There are a lot of pink shades that look great on dusky women. Rose pink, magenta, and Fuschia are some excellent picks for women with dusky skin tones. 

Bottom Line

Women with dark skin are often in a dilemma when choosing a lip colour shade that matches their skin tone. This guide covers a list of the best lipstick shades for women with dusky skin tones. Beyond this, you can also choose colours considering silver, gold, bronze, copper, coffee or the shades of dark nudes. If you don’t like a glossy finish, you can always opt for lipstick with a matte formula. Well, choosing the right shade and the quality of lipstick that stays on the lips for long is not as easy as it seems, no matter the complexion or type of skin you have. However, with this guide, we tried to help the beauties with dark skin tones to pick the perfect shade of lipstick. Hope it helps!