Top 5 Social Messaging Apps

Top 5 Social Messaging Apps

Hey! Hope you are doing well. You must read this article as it can be very informative if you need information about some good apps. Then you have come to the right place, go ahead and read once! Here is the list of some good and top apps- 

1. Fmwhatsapp

 The updated and new version of its original app WhatsApp. Its feature is quite better than its original app with its extra features. Features such as hide your last seen, specified contacts to call you, more stickers, voice and video call with more better quality, etc. you can easily download it also. You just need to have an account and an internet connection that’s all. You are going to like this version of WhatsApp more. So go download and enjoy!

2. Instagram

Today, everyone has their account on this platform as it is quite famous and simple to use. Everyone’s ratings made it top and one of the best apps in this busy world. It has become a part of everyone’s life. Even kids these days have profiles on this app because of its amazing features. So let me tell you some cool and awesome features such as filters during video calls, creating videos with good edits, reacting on messages, IGTV, upload your photos with a song on it, etc. To use all these good features you must download this app once. The download process is also too easy.

3. Facebook

It is one of the most popular apps which is used by everyone either adults or childrens. It has a lot of features and contents which are very amazing. Features such as voice calls, video calls, chatting, your status with more effective edits and many more. All you will need a good internet connection and a account created on this app so you may might send friend requests to the peoples you may know and can be connected with them. i am sure you will fall in love with chatting with this app. I would suggest you to once download this app and try its features. You can easily download from Play store.

4. WhatsApp

The most famous app worldwide which can be seen in everyone’s phones app drawer. It has more than millions of people connected to this app with no false complain against this which means it is totally safe and trusted app. It has a good chatting feature with stickers and emoji and many more features such as voice calls and video calls, etc. you can easily become part of this app by just creating an account with your phone number and that’s it. Everything depends on you for example showing your profile picture to everyone or just to your contacts and same for the about and status.

5. Snapchat

The most lovable app of youths because of its cool and new features which aren’t available in other apps. So before downloading you must know its features such as voice/video calls, chats deleted once view or after 24 houses or else save for always, snaps view that also according to you set a timer and here you go, best camera with best lenses. I am saying it can become your camera at the same time your chatting app you must download once!

Hoping it was helpful not wasted your time as all the best apps and apps with its best features info given above if you liked just shares as much as you can so that others can also get help!