Tips When Testing With a Transcription Service

Tips When Testing With a Transcription Service

Are you thinking about hiring a transcription service for your company? It could be that you have videos for your production or your interviews you want to be transcribed. You should know that there are many transcription service providers for you to choose from on the internet. 

However, you ought to be cautious and go for a trustworthy one as transcribing entails sharing your company’s data. Read on to learn the tips you ought to focus on when testing a transcription service to work with. 

Available Turnaround Time 

First, you need to check on the provider’s turnaround time. This is to let you know whether they can meet your tight deadlines. It would be best to ask the provider what their turnaround time is for both long and short files. This helps you identify a suitable transcription service for your business and eliminate any delays on urgent orders.

Even when a company markets itself stating that it can handle a large volume of work in a short time, it would be best if you investigated this. Check the customer reviews and ask around for feedback on different transcription companies. 

Level of Accuracy 

Even when the transcription service company has a reasonable turnaround time, you still have to look at the accuracy of their work. Accuracy is critical in transcription as it ensures that all the relevant information in the video or audio are captured. The best way to know the accuracy level of the company is by looking at the samples of work it has handled before.

It is vital to check the samples out even when the company was recommended to you by a business associate. Maintaining accuracy in all files is a way of improving your marketing efforts.

Level of Confidentiality

There is a lot of crucial information about your business you’ll need to be transcribed. Such details include meetings, interviews, calls or even a video explaining your new product or service. This information leaking to the public can lead to major losses for your company.

With such sensitive data, you need to be assured by the transcription service company that they are safe. You’ll, therefore, have to find out how the company aims at securing the information. Among things to ask include; the duration it takes for the data to be deleted and its encryption.

Also, it would help that you read the company’s policies regarding safety and confidentiality. To be sure that the measures they have stated are applied, look at the previous clients’ feedback.

Additional Features and Tools 

If you have large files, it can be tiresome to upload them one at a time. Therefore, when looking for a transcription service, ensure that the website allows you to upload large bulks of files. 

What is certain is you’ll need to monitor the transcribed work to ensure that it matches the recordings. To make this possible, check whether the company can input timestamps on the work. It would also help you know the means that the transcription service uses to deliver the work. 

Request for a Personalized Customer Service 

Every transcription service has general customer service. A downside of this type of service is that you’ll have to make numerous calls and talk to many individuals before your issue is sorted out. To avoid such a situation, inquire with the company if they can offer you personalized customer service.

With personalized customer service, you have ample time to talk to your manager. Therefore, if you need any changes to your work, you can directly channel it to the manager. What is more, you are always informed on how far the work is. 

The Budget Aspect 

Once you have narrowed down to your preferred companies, it would be best to check their pricing. Note that there are determining factors of the amount you’ll have to pay for the transcription service. They include the duration you want the work done and the quality.

Even when looking for accurate and quality work, the price charged should be budget-friendly for you. Therefore, what is best is to talk with the transcription service company about the price. Also, be sure to ask whether there will be any additional charges when the work is being done. Once you have clarified all these aspects, you can go ahead to sign the contract.

If you are working on a tight budget, you can go for a cheaper transcription service. However, ensure to look into why their prices are low and the comments from the clients. 

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For you to be guaranteed accuracy and quality work in your transcribed work, you ought to invest in the best transcription services. Therefore, be intentional when looking for a company to work with. Doing this is an assurance that your company’s transcription needs will be satisfied. As a result, you get to save time and money.